Can anybody guess where this lovely olympic size pool is located?  After looking at the amenities and finding out it includes a 9 hole golf course… wifi everywhere… and an amazing stack of history… how could you NOT want to experience it.

I’m trying to hook up a deal to go here – but really want to quiz the world and see if anyone knows where this little gem is located.  Anyone?

Picture 32

2 thoughts on “Vacation?

  1. confirm my friend request on facebook you douche

    how’s life back in colorado? i’m back in the millercoors family after a 2 year hiatus, brewing at Stone in San Diego. Now i’m a brewer at Leinenkugel’s in Wisconsin. Hit me up!

  2. Riiiiiick! Dude – you are brewing for the devil!! Ok – not quite. It’s all one family now. I would love to tour that brewery… congrats on moving through the school system and following the dream.

    When will you return to your home brewery?

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