UPDATE – John Teas on Ellen Tuesday

I watched this once … and laughed.
Watched it again… and laughed even more.

I can’t figure out why I’m laughing? But this kid John Teas is pretty entertaining.

I don’t know if it’s his amazing double grip on the mic… or the pinned feet and body twitch on the major beats of the song (watch 1:13-1:20) – But something sets this amateur video apart from the rest.

I do know John is local to the Denver area and he apparently has a large set of pipes in his second grade body. Combined with moms lackluster camera work and a completely clueless grand finish – this video has it all. Plus Journey doesn’t suck either.

Nice work John Teas and Mom.

Innocence Rules.

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UPDATE – April 19th
Rumor has it that John Teas will appear on Ellen next week.  Ellen airs at 3:00pm in Denver on channel 9. Keep you posted.

UPDATE – April 26th
John Teas WILL appear on Ellen with Marisa Tomei on Tuesday, April 27th 2010. Ellen airs on NBC channel 9 at 3:00pm Denver time.
Watch preview here.

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