BHTM 2008 to 2010 Recap

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I somehow popped backstage last night at BHTM 2010 Live at Red Rocks without ever having a ticket. It was a good show – with sun, rain, a torrential downpour and meeting new friends — but nothing compares to the 06/07/08 four hour live recording dvd show.

From me to you… enjoy the adventure.
Rock on.

From last night:

2 thoughts on “BHTM 2008 to 2010 Recap

  1. Hmmmm….. Brosive!!! Curiosity has the better of me….Your head might be a bit foggy from the previous month/bender, but I ‘m sure your aware that June has 30 days right? Not that Im counting….well I guess I am counting but, was it the fourth or the fifth day into the month of “sober” June that you made it? Corona Light? It was the wrong CL bro!! I want a re-do. Just sayin’…..

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