Hide and Go Media – Concept

‘Hide And Go Media’ Temporary gallery installations 6-12 month installations:

Infrastructure (must be inexpensive):

Downtown commercial space near colleges (slightly off the beaten path)
Simple beverage snack bar (coffee – Hydle has the hook up)
Wifi (must capture audience and allow users to upload)
Electricity (helps sometimes)
Simple gallery decor, white / black walls ready for audience art and participation
Modern comfortable lounge furniture
As much street side glass as possible (so when it is closed the media can still play and crowds accumulate at the store front)
Need hot event coordinator to book events, preferably single…


Media age has caused every individual to amass absurd amounts of video. So much we have no use for it all, or even have the time to look at it. Concept create a physical space for people to bring, create it on the fly, dump it and show it. No need to edit, just push play and watch ourselves raw 24-7. We can set it up for all media, from 8mm, 16mm, VHS, digital etc. Fill the space with as many screens and projections, displays as possible, gotta have the overwhelming factor. It could be almost like a ‘Physical Facebook Space’, almost mocking in nature. Allow people leave a picture / video of themselves by instant up load to the server. Feed the ‘disease of me.’ It could be a place to blog old school, by writing on the actual walls with real pens, paint etc. The gallery space would morph based on the city and culture. Travel city to city, start in Austin, TX. At the end take a picture and hit DELETE!

How to make money:

Private events
Donations to Joel’s Foundation / Film Schools
Sell lots of coffee
Sell real art (the good stuff)

Ideas…Go, More!


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