I Can’t Think!

I intentionally left my iCommunicationWithTheOutsideWorldDevice at home for a two day snowmobiling trip somewhere outside of Nowhere, Colorado.

No internet – No texts – No calls.

I was forced to focus on the relationships of who was actually there.
Never felt so good in my entire life.

Need proof of what is becoming of our brains ability to function in social overload…?

“Trying to drink from a firehose of information has harmful cognitive effects. And nowhere are those effects clearer, and more worrying, than in our ability to make smart, creative, successful decisions.”

“The research should give pause to anyone addicted to incoming texts and tweets. The booming science of decision making has shown that more information can lead to objectively poorer choices, and to choices that people come to regret.”

“If you think you’re a maximizer, the best prescription for you might be the “off” switch on your smart phone.”

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