The Party of 1999

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Noah Brooks + Greg Hydle + Joel McCormick’s 1999 Road Trip to Whistler
Season 1 – Part 1
Colorado to Multnomah Falls

In 1999 the three of us took off on “MY first ever” road trip from home. We packed a car full of goodies… including a full Apple G3 desktop computer setup with 17″ display + Joel’s portable TV. We didn’t have pocket cameras… we had a Sony VX1000 with a non endless supply of DV tape. If I could tell you what day we began this adventure – I would. Unfortunately I didn’t organize media (or capture it) in the 90s the way I do now. Lets just say this is sometime in the month of June of the year 1999.

I’m bringing this to you RAW and uncut (minus a couple bare ass noah shots) because I love seeing how we began documenting life… and what it has now transformed into.

Also… I miss all of Joels quirky antics, like his laugh and his random looks that just kinda make you smile.

Sorry for the raw language and anything that may offend anyone. We were kids. Wait… we still are. Miss you Joel.

Hope you enjoy the adventure.

[Part 2 – Multnomah to Bellingham]
[Part 3 – Mount Baker]
[Part 4 – Drunk in Vancouver]
[Part 5 – Border Patrol – oops]

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