Amanda Capper – Dew Tour Recap

My first at bat with the world of BMX, with the dynamics of Vert and Dirt, with the athlete lounge and with the luxuries that come with simply believing. . . . . .

The drive out went so smoothly, 4 hours went by before the radio was even turned on. Upon arrival, we didn’t have but a second to breathe, let alone unpack the Grover, as we immediately embarked on the first set of hours meeting/greeting/smiling/embracing both new and old friends. It wasn’t until after 3 a.m. before I set the Taylor down. Her strings have seen things both unimaginable and defyingly beautiful. Drake played and we listened.

The following morning, just before 9, we woke with a sense of urgency, not wanting to miss a single beat. Heading out of town, the canyons outside Salt Lake swallowed us whole as we made the ascent towards the cabin. Only a handful of us, trifecta intact, our minds at peace and ready for whatever the world had in store. The sun seemed to love the company as he shined down on the expansive deck, so subtle and warm, it’s as if he wanted to be a part of the wonderful conversation. TJ made us laugh with his witty anecdotes and getting to witness both he and Fuzz reminisce was a gift no amount of money could buy. Riding along the ins and outs of back country dirt roads in all sorts of 4-wheel vehicles felt like love lingering in the wind that rushed in from all angles. The thought of how the aspen roots cradled us all no matter where we were was enough to inspire an army of hope. For recovery, for STAYING STRONG. Singing a few tunes for the cabin crew, the sky unfolded behind me. . . .lightening and thunder providing the best sort of percussion. High ceilings supported by hand sawed logs allowed for the sounds to echo and bounce in and out of ears; ears belonging to new listeners. Like time had stopped, we all shared heavy hope and it equated to new found friendships almost instantly.

As the night fell and as we returned to the bright lights of the DEW TOUR, we walked along the dirt, standing beside the mounds that would resemble TJ’s back yard and provide ample obstacle/motivation for the Dirt Finals’ riders. (Thank you Alysa) They flew, as if their bikes had invisible wings, so high it made us soar. Hucker surfed, bringing smiles to all. . . . .

Sunday proved to be the emotional crux for us all. After being asked to sing our National Anthem after a moment of silence in honor of the anniversary of 9/11, my heart lept. It wasn’t about me. It wasn’t about the fun we’d had. It wasn’t even about the connections that had been made. Suddenly, everything shifted. Taken to a higher level, it’s as if we molded together, a mass of love and sorrow, uplifting silence and unending hope. Sharing my voice in that moment changed everything for me. For my journey, for our goals. For dreams and for the future. Eve cried and Hydle was proud.

Later, we went to cheer on Simon as, even with wounds still not fully healed, inspired us all with his courage to ride and gracefully take 5th. We supported Stevie as he dethroned @ the BMX Vert Finals and came together for a round of music in the back room of the Hotel Bar that could never be reenacted. With love in our hearts for Stephen Murray, we all sang: Simon, Shanna, Hydle, Eve, Hucker, B. Hunt, Anthony, Stevie, Goldy, Darryl, Lee, Flip, Adam, Chris…….. “we wanna get lost in your rock n’ roll and drift away .. . “ The pleasant moments shared between what could only be described as “a family” were the kind of times that not even the best camera in the world could have captured.

The drive home through western Wyoming opened my heart and mind, felt like my soul was flying. I’m overwhelmed with love and gratitude for the seemingly endless hours spent in Utah. I am so blessed to have had such an amazing first bout. I will forever be a fan of the Dew Tour family, thank you Eve.. . . . . . . . . .CAPPER

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