Hugh MacLeod – Our Potential

“What determines who we are? Is it that we settle? What is good enough? Do we find happiness? How do all of these things shape who we are?

Our “potential” is infinite. As endless as the cosmos. We are endowed with the power, ability and opportunity.

What gets in the way of our potential? Lack of drive? Lack of interest? Distractions? More likely: Not knowing what you really want.

More than ever, we live in a world where on a personal level, nearly anything is possible. We ARE the sum total of our choices, and these choices should lead us to happiness. I’ve always thought that a key to happiness is aligning what you want with what you are willing to do to get it.

We’re not talking morality, we are talking your appetite for 16 hour work days, travel, ass-kissing, office politics, screaming kids, etc. If you can live in that sweet spot of doing and getting what you want, you are living your potential.

And, your potential is all about being happy.

God Bless.”

Are you happy?

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