Hugh MacLeod – Own It

“Owning it” means being in control of your craft. The feeling that you got successful because you earned it fair and square, not just because you got lucky.

And that can take decades. In my case, I didn’t get successful at cartooning because I was tremendously talented at it from the age of ten, I wasn’t. I got good because I liked doing it and continually wanted to get better… and kept at it for many, many years.

You can own your career, control your own destiny; You don’t have to go for the executive position.. that is unless, it is something that you really want to own.

This idea of “ownership” is very much aligned with “mastery”. It can be in art, finance, law or lawn care. It involve sacrifice, dedication and time. Is it worth it? That is for you to decide, but from where I sit, it is one of life’s great treasures.

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