Schui – Oktoberfest Tips

In order to receive full effectiveness of our short trip to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany … I had to bring in the Schui for the list. My review will come soon … but for now – lets get caught up on the rules.

Then lets go TSOIGDH!

So first of all, locals call it “Wiesn” (it’s slang for meadow).

The best tents are:

Augustiner – Best tasting beer
Hacker-Pschorr – best party
all the Americans go the Hofbräu tent.
Don’t go to the Löwenbräu tent. only australians and shitty beer.

Don’t drink the last sip of the stein.
Don’t fall asleep on a beer table. they will kick you out.

on the weekend, go to the tends early (9-11am) because you won’t get a seat at a table later.

if you want to by a lederhose (leather pants, very traditional, authentic and fun) get it from “C&A”. It’s like a JC Penny or something but has the fairest prices for lederhosen.

Try the smoked fish on a stick.
try the white sausage.

take a walk at the “english garden” and check out the beer garden at the “chinese tower”

Have fun and enjoy!


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