Hugh MacLeod – Be Spontaneous

“Spontaneity is one of life’s great joys. It is a way of breaking out of a daily routine that can seem like drudgery.

It is a way of being playful, bringing joy and embracing possibility. It is one of the gifts that free will offers.

Try it today. Turn right on the way home, instead of left. Do something, anything, that you haven’t tried before.

See how a little thing can make a big difference to your quality of life.
Some people have turned complaining into a science. We see that some cultures have a greater propensity to complain. Coffee’s too hot, food’s too cold, boss is a jerk, Starbucks double half caf mocha frapaccino wasn’t quite frappy enough?

We all know people who do it. It validates. It lets people vent, but is it the right thing to do? In my experience, complainers are generally hard to be around. Their complaints usually fill the narrative gaps of what they feel are flaws in their own lives.

After all, why be successful when you can sit around and complain about everyone else who is?”

100 thousand million percent agree.

Rock on!

Hugh MacLeod – If In Doubt

“Love is the easiest thing in the world to do, until it isn’t. Until we get overwhelmed by “Stuff”.

The black lines in the cartoon represent overwhelming “Stuff”.

The red lines represent “Love”, fighting like hell to keep alive, in spite of overwhelming odds.

We’ve all been there….”

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Seth Godin – Who Cares?

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Unless someone does, things start to fray around the edges.

Often it’s the CEO or the manager who sets a standard of caring about the details. Even better is a culture where everyone cares, and where each person reinforces that horizontally throughout the team.

You’ve probably been to the hotel that serves refrigerated tomatoes in January at their $20 breakfast, that doesn’t answer the phone when you call the front desk, that has a shower curtain that is falling off the rack and a slightly snarky concierge. This is in sharp relief to that hotel down the street, the one that costs just the same, but gets the details right.

It’s obviously not about access to capital (doing it right doesn’t cost more). It’s about caring enough to make an effort.

If we define good enough sufficiently low, we’ll probably meet our standards. Caring involves raising that bar to the point where the team has to stretch.

Of course, the manager of the mediocre hotel that’s reading this, the staff member of the mediocre restaurant that just got forwarded this note–they have a great excuse. Time’s are tough, money is tight, the team wasn’t hired by me, nobody else cares, I’m only going to be doing this gig for a year, our customers are jerks… who cares?

Caring, it turns out, is a competitive advantage, and one that takes effort, not money.

Like most things that are worth doing, it’s not easy at first and the one who cares isn’t going to get a standing ovation from those that are merely phoning it in. I think it’s this lack of early positive feedback that makes caring in service businesses so rare.

Which is precisely what makes it valuable.

PIPA and SOPA?? Watch This

[YouTubeUlar] <— 52,449 Innocent until proven guilty... nope. Guilty until proven innocent... yep.

“Time Warner has called… and they want us all back on the couch. Just consuming. Not producing… not sharing. And we should say no.”

Get educated… watch it again.

Or go crazy over at

Hugh MacLeod – I Found Joy

“Sometimes being happy is just a choice. It’s just what you look for every day. In your work, in love, in friendships.

It’s really about how you view your place on earth. You look for joy, and that’s what you’ll find.

We all know people who make the ‘other’ choice. Nothing is good enough. They find fault everywhere. Their default mode is discontent.

For a lucky few, they eventually reach the abyss. The point at which being confronted with the dire-ness which is their life, becomes transformative.

Instead they choose joy.

Everything becomes better.

It takes nothing more than changing an attitude.

Today, take the hand of someone who you think should choose differently.”

Hugh MacLeod – Create Collaborate

You have your individual creative moments, and you have your creative collaboration moments.

They feed on each other. Even cartooning, as in my case, it’s a fairly lonely craft, however it too relies on the feedback loop I get from the people who help me run gapingvoid- Jason and Laura, namely.

It’s something that gets clearer to me as I get older- that all good things feed on other good things, and feed them back.

It’s the wheel of life, it’s the wheel of being. This reality will never change… and Thank Goodness for that

Hugh MacLeod — Become

“I talk a lot about the whole “human potential” thing and this cartoon bears the same message at heart.

From the moment we’re born we adopt thought and behavior patterns that obscure our view of who we are and what we want with our life. Those thoughts and behaviors tend to shape us personally and professionally, and it can in time hinder the creative process.

The idea behind this cartoon was to create something that encourages us to step out and meet ourselves head-on—to be responsible for who we are.

Then the question arises—who am I?

I think it’s a good idea to start thinking about this early in life, but really it’s never too late to start. With that in mind, it’s probably important to encourage younger generations to reflect on this as well…”

TOTD – 200 MPH

“The coffee mug is full, it’s 10:30 pm, but it feels like 10:30 am. You are experiencing the rush of being “in flow”.

You’re furiously typing your ‘big idea’, and you know the hair-brained scheme you just dreamt up is going to be a winner. A big winner.

You’re at 200 MPH, and you just know you can push the needle further.

You do.”

I’m doing this right now…  only still adventuring at the same time. Look for a Kickstarter Blackbox release tomorrow.  Thanks for defining how my brain works Hugh MacLeod.