DODOcase – Clean Shaven Patrick Buckley

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“As the winner of the Green Side of Business program, presented by GOOD and UPS, San Francisco’s DODOcase was awarded $10,000 to to invest in sustainability efforts. Learn more about what they did to change how they do business.”

Congratulations Patrick Buckley and DODOcase for winning the Green Side of Business Award and being a part of this nice little production.

Back in September Lance Atkins, aNt Rogers and I had a pretty fun night hanging out with the DODOcase crew in San Francisco. This random night included beer, football, more beer, ping pong, lots of ideas, amazing views and even lasers.

Thanks for the hospitality Patrick – but don’t forget you still owe me a DODOcase from our first annual DODO vs. Blackbox Case ping pong tournament.

Rock on!

4th of Chicago – Checklist #8

‎4th of July Chicago To Do Checklist:

1. get drunk
2. cubs game
3. fireworks
4. get all of us laid-ies
5. play on a lake
6. go to a beach
7. golf
8. drink free beer at coors headquarters
9. top golf – wood dale
10. pee on the border of wis + illinois

12. sell 100 blackbox cases to OWC

HYDLE – GoProYourCLazyU

[iDevice Link] <— 7 No description necessary just watch the video. Song: Wake Up Artist: Arcade Fire Album: Funeral Link:

Link to fun:

What Planet the Fuck are You From?

[YouTubeUlar] <— 4,722 Ridiculous. Brain Farm and Red Bull kill it again with Travis Rice and The Art of Flight Movie Trailer. There are at least 8 “Holy Shit” elements in the first half of this teaser… I don’t even know what to say — Guess we’ll just have to wait to see the full film.