In the history of HYDLE.com… this ridiculous “TSOIGDH” entry marks my 999th public blog post since May of 2009 – When I started this crazy world of blogging ideas, thoughts and Genius vs. Not Genius intermanents and social media successes or failures.

So for the sake of getting google credit for it…


Turning shit on it’s god damn head is going to be my 1 single inspiration for the next 999 blogpost entries. I can’t wait to open up my connection layer for all my loyal readers… so I can start finding out who you actually are.

Cheers to 999!


Pushing the Limits

[YouTubular] <— 11,243 This is a very good look into the mindsets of todays action sports athlete. I will continue to look into why this video was produced and for what event... I believe it was X-Games oriented back in 2009 - And can you believe what has happened in the last 2 years? When does the reset button get pressed? Athletes: Carey Hart - FMX Matt Hoffman - BMX Brian Deegan - FMX Tony Hawk - Skateboarding Bob Burnquist - Skate Dave Mirra - BMX Mike Metzger - FMX Travis Pastrana - FMX Danny Way - Skate Ronnie Faisst - FMX Todd Potter - FMX Pierre-Luc Gagnon - Skate Jake Brown - Skate Stephen Murray - BMX Jeremy Lusk - FMX

New Era – One Hitter

[YouTube] <— 252,568 views Don't understand what is going on here between Yankees fan - Alec Baldwin and Boston fan - John Krasinski? Watch this.


Full Credits

Agency: Brooklyn Brothers
Client: New Era
Creative: Brooklyn Brothers
Producer: Brooklyn Brothers
Writer: Charlie Grandy
Writer: Mike Schur
Director: Bryan Buckley
Production: Hungry Man
Production Company EP/Managing Partner: Kevin Byrne
Production Company Line Producer: Mino Jarjoura
Director of Photography: Scott Henriksen
Editing Company: Big Sky Edit

Happy 50th Issue MacAddict | Mac|Life

I don’t post much on Apple these days simply because everyone is on board now – it’s definitely not as unique of a hobby or fad as it used to be. However, in honor of MacLife’s 50th issue – lets take a look at some of their 50 reasons why they love Apple.

[Read Full] and follow along.

#48 – The Clamshell iBooks: This one is purely for you MattMatt.
#43 – Clarus the Dogcow: So many stories.
#41 – The Newton: Taken for granted.
#40 – The Packaging: Often overlooked.
#39 – Support for Education: My entire technical background came in Elementary School (Not Lying)
#35 – The Power Mac G4 Cube: Put on Ice = Hello Mac Mini.
#31 – Great Commercials: 1984.
#27 – System 7: Multitasking – This one if for you Brett Foncannon.
#22 – Woz: We are happy you are alive Woz – thanks for all the parties.
#20 – The 2010 MacBook Air: The one product I don’t have that I want.
#19 – iMovie: The original iMovie changed my life.
#16 – The Apple II: Specifically the Apple IIe + Lemonade Stand + Logo + Winter and Summer Olympics = framed my childhood. Thanks Mom + Dad.
#14 – Mac OS isn’t Windows: You already know.
#9 – Product-Announcment Events: Try it yourself.
#8 – The iPod: Do you still have your original 5GB with spinning wheel?
#3 – Steve Jobs: Need u say anymore?
#2 – The First Macintosh: 3rd grade was amazing.
#1 – The Apple Community: Unfortunately this community is too large to be an Apple nut like I used to be. I’ve actually found myself looking for something new? And have found these smaller + creative communities that will continue to grow on passion alone.

Who Likes Wood?

[iDevice Link] <— 295 views Straight from Creativity

Japanese agency Drill Inc. got back to nature in this stunning spot promoting the wood-encased NTT DoCoMo SH-08C phone, set for launch later this year. The agency created a giant wooden xylophone in the middle of the forest. A wooden ball rolls down the instrument to play the keys, each of which make up individual notes of Bach’s Cantata 147, aka “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desire.” According to Drill Inc. creative director Morihiro Harano in the NYTimes, the xylophone was the real deal and no soundtrack was added.

Lets go ahead and start recapping our favorite projects made from wood – or bamboo.

BMX Dirt – Cash Roll

[iDevice Link] <— 11,052 BMX Dirt was my favorite event to watch while traveling for 3 years on the Dew Action Sports Tour. [Totally Old School Video]

So watching highlights from last years Wendy’s Invitational finals puts a memorably entertaining feeling in my belly. Cheers to the Cash Roll. Another fabulous advancement in sport.

1st – Brett Banasiewicz
2nd – Ryan Nyquist
3rd – Dennis Enarson

[No Hander Cash Roll] <— 7,405

2011 LDA Tour Schedule

[iDevice Link] <— 1,159

ROANOKE, TEXAS (February 7, 2011) – Long Drivers of America (LDA) today released its complete schedule for 2011 tour events, beginning with the Mesquite Shootout in Mesquite, Nev. on Sunday, March 6.

The 2011 LDA Tour Stops:

Mesquite Shootout
Mesquite Sports and Event Complex
Mesquite, Nevada
March 6 (Sunday)
Defending Champion: Jason Eslinger

Alligator Alley Shootout
Heron Bay Golf Club
Coral Springs, Florida
April 2 (Saturday)
(New Event)

Texas Shootout
City Pointe Driving Range
Dallas, Texas
April 30 (Saturday)
Defending Champion: Jamie Sadlowski

Tennessee Shootout
Graysburg Hills Golf Course
Greeneville, Tennessee
June 9 (Thursday) – June 10 (Friday)
Defending Champion: Kyle Blakely

Keystone Shootout
Greens of Greenville
Greenville, Pennsylvania
August 14 (Sunday)
(New Event)

Mile High Shootout
Heritage at Westmoor Golf Course
Westminster, Colorado
September 17 (Saturday)
Defending Champion: Kevin Shook