JP Auclair – All.I.Can

[Vimeeeee-Oh-Yeah!] <— 68,500 Finally able to watch JP Auclair's incredible urban segment in All.I.Can. When watching this film live in a theater - this was definitely a crowd pleaser and definitely one of the most entertaining skiing segments I have seen in quite some time. Strong work JP. Email reply from JP on December 5th, 2011 —

“Yeah.. pretty nuts.. the thing is going to hit 400K within the first week.. The Sherpas and I are still trying to wrap our heads around why it caught on like that. Must be the back flip, can’t go wrong with a backie!”

JP Auclair – Movie Time

I recently exchanged some quick emails with JP Auclair to see what he has been up to. Fall is approaching so I wanted to find out what movies I could expect his involvement in this year.

Below is a quick list of where he has been spending his skiing and editing time.

Sherpas Cinema – All.I.Can

I got involved with the sherpas later on… So , no involvement in the teaser. But I shot with them quite a bit last winter, mostly for a urban segment, we shot it with a slightly different approach then I’d been doing in the past (the seg will be about 4 minutes) I’m pretty excited about it.

And right now I’m trying to help out with the movie as a whole, so I’ve became pretty invested in it. Really cool project!

Seth Morrison – The Ordinary Skier

Sweetgrass Productions – SOLITAIRE