BMX Dirt – Cash Roll

[iDevice Link] <— 11,052 BMX Dirt was my favorite event to watch while traveling for 3 years on the Dew Action Sports Tour. [Totally Old School Video]

So watching highlights from last years Wendy’s Invitational finals puts a memorably entertaining feeling in my belly. Cheers to the Cash Roll. Another fabulous advancement in sport.

1st – Brett Banasiewicz
2nd – Ryan Nyquist
3rd – Dennis Enarson

[No Hander Cash Roll] <— 7,405

HYDLE – Cotton Candy Cam

[iDevice Link] <— 567 Behind the scenes at the 2007 Portland Alli Sports AST Dew Tour Stop #3. Obviously this is one of the most fun summers I've ever spent traveling and announcing as the roll of G-Man at all dew tour stops. It didn't pay as much as computer work - but was definitely more interactive.

In Order of Appearance:

Heather Ann Minshall
Dave Pavone
Pat Galluzzo
Patti Mapes
Jet Robinson
Jenny Ganakas
Noah Gold
Shanna Bridges
Amy Doyle
Mike Spinner
Garret Reynolds