Tanner Hall – Hype Man

[VimeeeeO] <— 77,214 Tanner Hall nails it with this hype man speech to amp up Henrik Harlaut to throw the first ever nose butter triple cork 1620 which resulted in a perfect score 50 to secure his ESPN X Games Big Air gold medal.

I love RAW video.


  1. Henrik Harlaut — 97.00
  2. Kai Mahler — 91.00
  3. Elias Ambühl — 89.00
  4. Bobby Brown — 86.00
  5. Gus Kenworthy — 81.00
  6. PK Hunder — 79.00

Bo Bridges – Winter X Games Aspen 2013

[Vimeeeeeeo] <— 845 views As Bo Bridges would like to say… it is almost go time.

Winter X Games 2013 is now upon us. As usual – ESPN’s website is atrocious to find relevant information – but here is a direct link to the Schedule of Aired Events in Eastern Standard Time … calculate your own viewing experience.

If you are heading to Aspen to celebrate in the fun, here is the Schedule You Want To Look At which is the same link as above but you must click RESULTS on the secondary tab to see the event times (Only now in Mountain Standard Time). Makes a ton of sense right? Blah.

Skiing Events

Thursday, January 24th

  • 10:30-12:00pm — Men’s Ski SuperPipe Elimination

Friday, January 25th

  • 1:30-3:00pm — Men’s Ski Slopestyle Elimination
  • 6:30-7:45pm — Women’s Ski SuperPipe Final
  • 8:45-10:00pm — Men’s Ski SuperPipe Final

Saturday, January 26th

  • 7:00-9:00pm — Ski Big Air

Sunday, January 27th

  • 12:00-1:15pm — Men’s Ski Slopestyle Final
  • 1:45-3:00pm — Women’s Ski Slopestyle Final