Epic Race Mountain 03 – Breckenridge

This morning was super early so we could get up to Breck and get some turns in before the crowds started. Thanks to Mary, she knew it would get crowded and she was right! Started the morning off with Ryan’s untouchably fluffly and delicious scrambled eggs, bacon and toast… and then off to the mountains.

We got our first shot of the day at the overlook over Breckenridge the town, and then headed up the gondola to the lifts.

Right off the bat we hit some really good and fun groomers, but the day was cold, so Hydle and I bailed out to the T Bar for a couple beers and a quesadilla.

After lunch we did some laps through the park where Rhinehart did some rad daffys and some other fun tricks while Hydle filmed. We also met up with Rhineharts brother Colin who ripped through the park also. There were tons of guys ripping it up in the park, pretty fun to watch, but apparently it’s also rider beware, the jumps supposedly are not user friendly if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Lauren and I worked on improving our turns throughout the day, and the guys did a lot of filming in the park and on the groomers.

The mountain was a little crowded and it was pretty cold, so we decided to call it a day around 1, but not without first deciding to hit up the Gold Runner Coaster – it’s a roller coaster, on the mountain, that you self control on how fast you want to go. Um, probably the most fun thing you can do on the side of a ski mountain (at least for me so far).

We rocked out that roller coaster harder than anyone else today for sure, and then called it for the day.

We’re staying at the Rhineharts cabin again tonight (thank you again) and have been editing all afternoon.

And nooooooow, it’s time for the Broncos game, some white bean chili and guac, and possibly a hot tub, and possibly some other fun games. Tomorrow, we ski Eldora! Go Broncos! Epic!

Cooley’s Video:

Rhinehart’s Video:

Colin Bane — Kevin Pearce Rides Again

“Pearce said his injury and the intense recovery process have taught him more than he ever hoped to know about traumatic brain injuries. “I think the most important thing that I can share with folks about traumatic brain injuries is that your brain never stops healing,” he said. “You can heal as much as you want as long as you keep your mind to it and work hard. I think it’s really hard for a lot of kids because they think they’re in such bad shape that they just give up, and that’s been the most important lesson for me: It’s hard and it takes a lot of work but you can heal.”

Welcome back to the mountain Kevin Pearce. Great work on the article Colin Bane.

[Dew Tour Video] <— 302 views [Burton Snowboards Video] <— 316 views

“I used to take this for granted… I used to be on this lift and be like — gosh why is this lift so slow, get me to the top — and now its just nice to be up here. Be up here hang in'”

[RED – Wear Your Helmet] <— 23,113

HYDLE – Skiing Day #2

[iDevice Link] <— 1 view. November 19th, 2010 Notes: Saucer Wax Session at Columbine Bar in Golden Breckenridge (Stephanie = Horrible customer service) Beers at the Base of Peak 8 Dinner at Chimayo Buy this song: http://bit.ly/frqQgH

Ted Archuleta – Courage Classic

Here’s the wrap up of the ride….

After 21 years, this ride is a well oiled machine. Great support, great people, great scenery.

I checked in on Friday with plenty of time to relax, listen to some music and drink a couple “soda pops”…hey, I had to carb up. ;)

Day 1: Saturday the ride started in Loveland, but since Eli and I carpooled and he needed it to get to Loveland on Monday, I didn’t really have a ride to the starting line…so I rode my bike. It was 30 degrees at the top of Freemont pass and the fog was so thick I could only see about a bike length in front of me. I made it to Loveland and basically turned around and rode back up over Tennessee pass, Battle Mountain and Vail Pass (King of the Mountain). This ride is commonly known as the “Copper Triangle”…a GREAT way to start a 3 day ride.

Day 2: I knew it was gonna rain around 2pm so I got out there early for the Century option. 100 miles that takes you from Copper to Silverthorne, North on Hwy 9 to Ute Pass (pass line picture, myself and 3 other strong riders average about 27 mph to Ute Pass. It’s awesome when you ride past a car radar and it flashes SLOW DOWN), then back South on Hwy 9 through Silverthorne to Keystone, up over Swan Mountain into Frisco. Frisco to Breckenridge (for lunch, my “power lunch” consisted of ½ a can of Coke and a cherry pie Lara bar), then Breckenridge back to Copper. I demo’d about ~$5000 bike (Full Carbon Specialized) from Wheat Ridge Cycling and CRUSHED the ride. I spent 5:25 in the saddle and only got caught in the rain for the last 5 miles.

Day 3 came early, and another ride up Freemont pass, this time with some wonderful company. Finished up with a short ride around Turquoise Lake (I highly recommend, it’s straight out of an MC Escher book, the road seems to continually go up). At the finish line I received a gold medal from a Children’s Hospital patient in a wheel chair.

Over the 3 days, I rode 230 miles, climbed over 15,000 feet of elevation, spent ~14 hours in the saddle, and raised $334 dollars ☺

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.