Coleman Sweeney is a Genius Asshole

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Are you a donor? Think about it.

“A year and a half in the making, the two-minute video – filmed by California-based production studio Furlined and featuring Thomas Jane, of the HBO series “Hung,” music written by Coldplay and a voiceover by actor Will Arnett – was posted on YouTube on Thursday with the goal of creating buzz and ultimately going viral, said David Fleming, CEO of Donate Life America.”

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Coldplay – Beastie Boys

[YouTubeUlar] <— 191,816 Don't drop any gay cards on this one - Coldplay still has some serious emotional value in the music world... and was the first concert I've ever been arrested.

“Live at the Hollywood Bowl, CA, USA – May 4, 2012
Tribute to MCA (Adam Yauch) of the Beastie Boys – Rest in Peace”

Funny when you die… how people start listening?

Chipotle – Back to the start

[YouTube] <— 4,429,478 [Behind the Scenes] <— 44,751 Congratulations to Chipotle for airing their first national television commercial. Back to the Start was a YouTube web release back in August and carries you through the story of Chipotle, told through the practices of a farmer.

“The film, by film-maker Johnny Kelly, depicts the life of a farmer as he slowly turns his family farm into an industrial animal factory before seeing the errors of his ways and opting for a more sustainable future. Both the film and the soundtrack were commissioned by Chipotle to emphasize the importance of developing a sustainable food system.”

1000% Genius – should have been a Super Bowl ad.

Buy the song and support The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

The Scientist - The Scientist - Single Willie Nelson – The Scientist

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New iPods + iTunes + Apple TVs + Coldplay

Apple just announced an entirely new iPod lineup, iTunes 10 and a little black box known as a new Apple TV.

Although I personally prefer my original 5GB scroll wheel iPod – It looks like another holiday season is is going to be stuffed with Apple in our stockings.

iPod Shuffle:

2GB – 5 Colors – $49
Now with buttons, VoiceOver and a built-in clip

iPod Nano:

8GB – 7 Colors – $149
16GB – 7 Colors – $179
Features Multi-Touch display, built-in clip and incredibly small

iPod Touch:

8GB – $229
32GB – $299
64GB – $399
The iPod Touch now has FaceTime, Retina display, HD video recording and Game Center

Top-Earning Musicians (June 09 – June 10)

1. U2 – $130 million
2. AC/DC – $114 million
3. Beyonce Knowles – $87 million
4. Bruce Springsteen – $70 million
5. Britney Spears – $64 million
6. Jay-Z – $63 million
7. Lady Gaga – $62 million
8. Madonna – $58 million
9. Kenny Chesney – $50 million
10. (tie) Black-Eyed Peas/Coldplay – $48 million

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