More Snow Less Hate

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Colorado is experiencing some insanely long summers around here … it’s time to express how we feel. More Snow, Less Hate. Props to these Steamboat standouts for finally expressing their concerns of grabbing that snow by the balls.

Anything But Summer
Not My Season!
Powder To The People
More Snow – Less Hate

Epic Race – Corporate Never Takes a Vacation

Today is our 5th day of competition, and unlike many others in this race, the corporate stud, Nabor Devin Rhinehart had to return back to his day job to remain in good standing with his company and boss while still staying sharp and competitive in the competition.

Some may wonder how in a race of this caliber our team could be taking a day off, or rather, a day to go back to the office, but since Vail Resorts has confirmed since day one of releasing the on mountain locations…

“Photo/Video Locations for Brides-Les-Bains will be announced on December 20th – a) posted to the website and b) available for pickup at the Brides-les-Bains tourist office that morning”

…this allows for a few days for the hard working life balanced competitors like Nabor Devin to maintain a successful career, grad school, and compete in the #epicrace! What. A. Badass.

So, Hydle and I took a day off for errands, chores, and logistics planning while Nabor Devin put in some solid hours at the office. I am sure he epic raced harder than anyone out there today. Work Hard. Play Harder.

Epic Race Mountain 04 – Eldora

Day 4 started off with Nabor Ryan (Nabor Devin “Rhinehart”s Dad, who has so much personality he could be straight out of a movie) cooking us up some of the best gluten free pancakes and “links” that I could have ever imagined!

After our delicious breakfast, packing up, and a goodbye wave off from Nabor Ryan in the driveway, we were on our way to Eldora for the first time for all three of us! This is not significant for me being a California native, but it is significant for my two coloradoan teammates, considering it is actually one of the most accessible ski resorts from the Denver area!

After road tripping – with Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz album on repeat) through Central City (note: this town is worth revisiting, as it is a super cute gold rush era town with casinos and an adorable Main Street) and then taking some sweet team photos in front of the welcoming Eldora sign, we arrived!

Upon arrival, our first task was to take a photo by the Nordic center sign, where Hydle proceeded to spin some donuts in my car around Rhinehart…and then we were off to gearing up and getting on the mountain!

We parked three rows from the lift, and then cruised up a sweet two man chair called “Cannonball Lift” – dude, what is better than a resort that has a two man chair from the base camp! We also learned that Eldora has a lift that is the oldest lift in Colorado (unfortunately didn’t get to ride it as it was closed but I’d like to!)

We took some video footage and then rocked out a few super super fun, soft, groomer runs. My favorite mountains are the small local ones and we were having a blast at Eldora.

As is standard, I was ready to take a break before the guys, and headed to the Corona Bar to enjoy a delicious beer alone!

Once the guys showed up, we had a round of drinks and some lunch, and then headed back out for one more glory run and then skied back to the car!

After skiing, we drove through Nederland for some happiness and smiles, which we achieved in full ski gear while riding the famous Carousel of Happiness! The happiness level on the Carousel of Happiness was at all time highs, which kept us elated on the drive back to Golden!

As we were driving through Golden I asked Greg what his favorite restaurant was and he said “Sherpa House” without any hesitation right as we were driving right by it. Rhinehart quickly agreed and we called Lauren to see if she could meet up for dinner which she also agreed to.

We posted up in the corner and got lots of attention from the staff considering Hydle is a local Golden celebrity! We chowed down on the best chicken tikka masala and the guys edited their videos for the day, with plenty of laughs while reviewing the footage.

Super super fun day, we all loved Eldora and capping it off at the Carousel of Happiness and Sherpa House was a great way to finish off our 4th day of epic racing!

Colorado Doesn’t Suck – COIN Innovation Challenge

[VimeeeeeO] <— 6 Colorado doesn't suck... and here is your chance to show it. The Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) is giving away $50,000 in their Glorious Failure Challenge – In Search of Success.

Once a geologist. Once an entrepreneur. Once a mayor. This is Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper.

We’re Coloradans and we do not shy away from a challenge. We’re risk takers.

Not just because we are pioneers, cowboys, skiers and rock climbers.
…but because we are entrepreneurs, industry leaders and INNOVATORS.

Innovation is a spirit and style fostered and propelled by bold, courageous and strategic risk taking. It’s a mentality, and an attitude.

It’s turning roadblocks into building blocks and obstacles – even glorious failures – into opportunity. It’s eternal perseverance.

The INTEGRITY of a glorious failure is in the learning, adapting, and pivoting. All of this affords and fuels innovation.

Like myself, Colorado has a history of entrepreneurs who have turned challenges, even failures, into success. What’s YOUR story of GLORIOUS FAILURE? Are you an entrepreneur with a high-growth-potential idea?

Submit your story of glorious failure and innovation, and you could be awarded the Colorado Innovation Network’s innovation prize.

Finalists, as selected by the community and a panel of expert judges will receive recognition at the 2013 COIN Summit and an awards package, with the overall winner receiving Fifty thousand dollars in cash!

We need your submissions and your votes. So spread the word about the Innovation Challenge!

YOU are the future of innovation in Colorado.

Congratulations to Mr. Dave Momper for his Post Modern contribution to this project and for sharing this awesomeness with me.

[Enter the Glorious Failure: In Search of Success Innovation Challenge]

ILA – Colorado USA Pro Cycling Challenge

[YouTubeUlar] <— 20 Get ready for another year of awesomeness. The USA Pro Challenge returns to Colorado this August 19th - 25th, 2013. And don't forget, January 11th, is designated "Awesome Day” in Colorado. Get your…

“beautiful weather, good beer, incredible topography, exceptional sunsets, outstanding sports’ teams and fans, remarkable outdoor recreation and again, really good beer”

… ready!


Restricted Access on Clear Creek Lifted

Exciting Day for Golden!

Single-chambered devices allowed

Jefferson County, Co. – Effective at 9 a.m. on Monday, August 1st, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office lifted restrictions that previously limited waterway activities on Clear Creek. The boundaries affected by the order had extended from Jeffco’s western border at State Highway 119, and eastward along the canyon through the city limits of Golden to Vanover Park.

All single-chambered air inflated devices such as belly boats, inner tubes and single chambered rafts, as well as body surfers and swimming were restricted due to the high flow rate of Clear Creek. As the flow rate has decreased, water activities involving those devices will be allowed back on the creek.

Although the risk has diminished, it is still at the high end of the average annual rate, and all users are encouraged to observe extreme caution due to the safety concerns surrounding swift moving water and floating debris.