Audi A3 – Grandpa Bode Miller – Out of Control

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Although I believe the Audi A3 is actually the first car from Audi that signifies the beginning of the downfall of sexy design from my favorite German auto manufacturer… I still love this car and especially love this commercial. Let me say it again… Bode Miller + Out of Control + Audi quattro = Genius.

For those of you new to my idealistic and very passionate representation of brands and technology here at – I’ve been a major fan of Audi since the mid 1990s, bought my first Audi in 2003 (a 1997 A4 that now has 234,000 miles + counting) and picked up a 2013 S4 supercharged quattro just this past year. The original Audi quattro changed the automotive world. Similar to Apple releasing the macintosh in 1984… what Audi was doing in 1984 also took hold as the single most important development in the auto industry that would change my life down the road.

No pun intended… haha – It is hard to explain the difference of All Wheel Drive vs. 4 Wheel Drive vs. Audi quattro. I would gladly show you if you want to take a ride to the hills in our next snowstorm, but if you must read – start here. Or if you want to get your motion picture view on – go here.

Now, back to the beginning of the design downfall. How long does it take for a brand to lose it’s leadership in design? Well, let’s look at how long it takes to “build good design”, also known as “brand” an idea. It took an entire decade to build quattro and two decades to design and build the image of Audi around quattro. It can take decades to build something great… and design something that ultimately takes hold and is respected as a product leader, but in the end… I would have to say you can lose it much faster then it takes to build it.

Audi lost one of their key designers, Peter Schreyer to KIA back in 2006 and it is starting to take effect now. Peter Schreyer, who is now the President and Chief Design Officer of Hyundai and Kia Motors was brought into that company with a completely blank design slate… and look what he has done. I won’t be the first one to admit that I’ve double checked a few KIA models in the last two years, but what he is doing at KIA is working… and what Audi is doing is starting to slide. It may not be a big slide, and I certainly hope Audi hasn’t quite reached it’s peak in design, but remember… you lose it a lot faster than you build it. I hope Apple, my other lifelong power brand realizes this.

Ultimately Audi could lose all their design luster… and I would still drive one simply because there is zero comparison for quattro and there probably never will be. Obviously Audi is part of a larger Volkswagen Automotive Group, but who drives those? Volkswagen’s are for girls. Škoda‘s are for Russians… and SEAT‘s… ummm, no – don’t even get me started. SEAT’s are for chinese mexicans… but that is what they said about KIA’s before Peter Schreyer started design cars for them.

Perhaps I could graduate to a Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini or Porsche in the future years… but I highly doubt I will ever find the passion of owning and talking positively about these brands. KIA on the other hand … hmmmmm?

[Automotive World Interview with Peter Schreyer]
[Peter Schreyer ‘s Passion for Design Video] <— 4,136

New Audi Commercials

[YouTubeUlar] <— 26,508 Audi "Elements" ... 1000% absolutely love this. It makes me want to drive in the snow... right now. Genius. [YouTubeUlar] <— 21,867 Audi "Rally" ... I love that music. Genius. [YouTubeUlar] <— 21,195 Audi "Why" ... Emotional, simple and watchable. Genius. [YouTubeUlar] <— 32,393 Audi "LED" ... Something so badawesomeness about those LED lights and 15 second advertisements. Genius. [YouTubeUlar] <— 209,594 Audi "It Couldn't Be Done" ... Love the throwback footage or the history of Audi and the 1983 Audi quattro that changed it all. Super genius. Genius, genius, genius, genius, super genius. Can't say much for Audi's new campaign on their Audi Connect system. Those are so horrible I won't even link to them. Well, ok... maybe here and here – not genius.

Talking about quattro? This look back into 1983 does not suck!

Norte Beer – Photoblocker

[YouTubeUlar] <— 230 2 commercials for ABInBev's Norte Beer brand featuring the Photoblocker. The one above made me laugh more than this one [125].

Not quite genius… but darn fun.

Cheers goes out to…

Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
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Old Spice – Hello Ladies

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Thanks to Adcritic for the Full Credits
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
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Jun 30, 2010


Old Spice – I’m on a Horse

Full Credits
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
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Date: Feb 09, 2010


Tiger Control

This will likely be one of the most popular ads of our time and it just dropped. Nike is featuring Tiger Woods in an advertisement with a voice over from his late father, Earl Woods.


I am more prone to be inquisitive… to promote discussion.

I want to find out what your thinking was.

I want to find out what your feelings are.

And… did you learn anything?


There is going to be plenty of talk about this one. Genius.

[iPhone Link – 358 views]

Happy To Be Alive Today

Something I tell myself every day since the breaks went out in my car on after a lovely day of skiing in Aspen on January 29th, 2010…

“I’m happy to be alive today.”

This advertisement doesn’t need supporting web material. Take something as basic as wearing your seatbelt and present it in new visually inspiring way… Daniel Cox – simply Genius.

Thanks for sharing this emotional moment through visuals MattMatt.

Link 1.
Link 2.

Bud Light – Clothing Drive

[YouTubeUlar] <— 355,326 (repost on 4/7/13) Swear Jar meets Clothing Drive. I’m not a fan of Bud Light as a consumable beverage, but I am a fan of how much money Bundweiser spends on marketing. Especially on internets only releases.

This commercial I do not believe is unique enough or cut well enough to make me a believer. Some good ideas and scenes, but just a little too long for my liking.

However uniquely similar to Swear Jar… should have made this one a minute too.

Not Genius.