Harlem Shake – Hydle Edition

[iTunes – Harlem Shake – Single – Baauer]

We shot a Harlem Shake at Bent Gate’s Silverton Sick Days this past Wednesday. It’s worth a socially creative review as this could be the fastest growing viral campaign ever.

“The Harlem Shake” Timeline of Events

  • 1981 — The dance was originally coined in 1981 as a drunk dance by a Harlem resident and creator “Al B”

    “it’s a drunken shake anyway, it’s an alcoholic shake, but it’s fantastic, everybody appreciates it.”

  • 2001 — It was featured in a G Dep – Let’s Get It – Music Video.
  • 2012 — An electronic producer named Baaur out of Brooklyn uploaded the Harlem Shake (HQ Full Version) on May 10th, 2012. Unrelated at the time, a vlogger known as FilthyFrank uploads this video while dancing to Skrillex.
  • 2013 — On January 23rd, 2013 – 2 weeks after Baaur’s “The Harlem Shake” dropped on iTunes, still unrelated FilthyFrank uploads this “How To Dubstep”video with his character PINK GUY. At this time, his facebook page which claims he “once tripped and had anal sex with himself” has less than 4,500 likes.

    On January 30th he uploads his Compilation #6 – Smell My Fingers video with the Harlem Shake short introduction. This video still only has 322,347 views, but his viewers were asking for more shake. So on February 2nd – he gives them the original Harlem Shake which now has over 10,900,000 views.

    “yall naughty fellas wanted the full separate version of HARLEM SHAKE SO HERE IT IS.



  • Over the next 2 days, 257 of Filthy Frank’s fans share the video, 908 like it and 84 people comment on his original post. A Filthy Remix even pops up and somewhere in the mix people start uploading their own versions. A few of the early videos gained even more views than Filthy Frank’s original, so he re-posted the original to his now growing facebook fan-base on February 6th…

    “some swagfag guys made a harlem shake video right after ours and it’s obviously copied. and it’s getting crazy views. but we stand strong, because we have the power of each individual filthy character. don’t forget where you came from, and stay filthy.”

    This repost gained another 105 shares, 1,239 likes and 116 comments to propel the Harlem Shake to the masses of the interManets. The competition was on and the creatives started uploading. ImAfricanJesus began a playlist of his Harlem Shake consumptions. CollegeHumor was #9 on the list. By February 9th ImAfricanJesus quit adding Harlem Shakes to his consumption playlist stopping at 47 videos.

  • On February 8th, the new york times posted an article relating winter storm Nemo + the Harlem Shake as a way to pass your time while being stuck indoors. Filthy Frank posts the article and it gains 38 shares, 858 likes and 150 comments from his fan base. The Chive, Break, Buzzfeed, and Maker Studios out of LA created job campaigns out of their versions of the Harlem Shake which proved the shake could definitely be used for marketing traction. Musical talent Matt and Kim even jumped into the mix.
  • A good friend of mine, Jason McWilliams, preached the Harlem Shake to Copper Mountain Ski Area on Saturday, February 9th. By February 11th, around 12,000 “Harlem Shake” videos had been posted with a collective 44 million views. One of my favorite and most creative versions was posted by the UGA Men’s Swim and Dive team on February 11th.

    [YouTubeUlar] <— 17,926,850
  • On February 12th, Copper Mountain dropped their Harlem Shake creation, which is when I first took notice of the completely random sensation. We recorded our random version on February 13th in Silverton, CO and nearly had the mountain convinced to shoot and upload what I still believe would be the most epic Harlem Shake ever. Conceptually you couldn’t beat a helicopter hovering behind a bunch of Bent Gate Silverton Sick Days skiers and riders dancing their asses off by the rental bus at Silverton. I blame myself, and partially Devin Rhinehart for not TSOIGDH’ng and following through with this one.
  • By Valentines Day the number of “Harlem Shake” uploads had increased to 40,000 with a collective viewership of 175 million views. Thank YouTubeTrends for the February 12th writeup.
    Harlem Shake Upload Rate
  • The Today Show ripped their own version on February 14th, officially killing the interManets viral meme formerly known as the “Harlem Shake”. To put an exclamation point on it, McWilliams walled me this one just to be sure. Filthy Frank now has over 47,000 likes and 125,000 YouTube Subscribers and overall he seems pretty modest about creating the sensation and actually makes fun of his post Harlem Shake audience.
  • This completes your Hydle write up and review of what catalysts enabled a creative meme to go Viral. I’m actually pretty surprised the Adelia Shake didn’t take off.

    The song is still Number 1 on iTunes.

    [Helping Article #1]
    [Helping Article #2]
    [Wikipedia (song)]
    [Wikipedia (dance)]

    Coors Light – Tiger Woods

    [YouTube] <— 3.025 Coors Light is advertising their new "master of cold" not so funny and [not genius] super cold ads on YouTube. Other then completely attempting to rip off the old spice guy I can clearly say I’m not a fan of this ad. Quit trying so hard to be funny and just make something simple. Maybe Ice Cube can save the day.

    So instead of the Master of Cold… here is the masters of golf in a Tiger spec ad [genius].

    [YouTube] <— 76,822

    HYDLE – Pete Coors in the House

    [iDevice Link] <— 0 views. What a lovely day to visit the Coors Complex in Golden, Colorado... only to find a celebrity bartender serving free beer. Pete Coors - It was great to finally meet you after all these years of evangelizing your products. We will see you in the near future. Round of Applause for the Banquet Beer.

    Las Vegas – Venetian C-GOP

    Happy 28th Golden Birthday Bachelor Mark Huebner – 28 on May 28th.

    This insane C-GOP included:

    Mark Huebner, Phil Coan, Josh “TheChief” Frantz, Ryan Whiting, Jay Dunlop, Steven Walden, Scott Foran and myself.

    Line items from this Las Vegas golden adventure:

    Limo to the airport photo video
    Frontier sucks photo video
    Flight 777 row 5 = most entertaining flight ever photo video
    Venetian – Suite photo video
    Slap the bag photo video
    Coors Light Mimosas photo video
    Pool pool pool photo video
    Golf golf – drunk golf photo video
    New friends photo video
    Stoney’s photo video
    Moon Walking photo video
    Stoney’s Ass photo video
    Kicked off the table photo video
    Canonball photo video
    Goodbye Mark Gift photo video
    Home photo video

    Will upload with support.

    Mesquite WLDC – Day 1

    Mesquite, Nevada – Home of the the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships and apparently also to my new girlfriend Roxann Deese. Below is a photo montage of what I am seeing and doing during this week of “jut hit the ball far” festivities.


    Checked out some real estate.
    Enchantment Condo for Sale

    Met the Duke who is a bible on golf in Mesquite, Nevada.
    He built the Casablanca course back in 1995.
    The Duke + Cheryl

    Hit the range at Casablanca.
    Casablanca Golf Course

    Drank some CLLs (Coors Light Limes)
    Cold Coors Light Limes

    Enjoyed beautiful sunset.
    Mesquite Nevada Sunset

    Met friends Jason Frey (The Savage) and Jason Zuback (The Champion).
    Hydle Zuback Frey Deese

    Long Drive Regionals

    I went savaging today… unfortunately I came up short.

    Picture 4

    Hitting golf balls at 9:00 in the morning in 100% humidity isn’t really my style. Coors Lab doesn’t even open until 10:30. So it was hard to get in the groove early – Especially in Phoenix.

    Thanks to everyone who supported me through this short 2 week endeavor. I believe that if I have a future in Long Drive, I will have to find some sponsors… and a way around not being able to drink in competition.

    Savage in the middle.