Pushing the Limits

[YouTubular] <— 11,243 This is a very good look into the mindsets of todays action sports athlete. I will continue to look into why this video was produced and for what event... I believe it was X-Games oriented back in 2009 - And can you believe what has happened in the last 2 years? When does the reset button get pressed? Athletes: Carey Hart - FMX Matt Hoffman - BMX Brian Deegan - FMX Tony Hawk - Skateboarding Bob Burnquist - Skate Dave Mirra - BMX Mike Metzger - FMX Travis Pastrana - FMX Danny Way - Skate Ronnie Faisst - FMX Todd Potter - FMX Pierre-Luc Gagnon - Skate Jake Brown - Skate Stephen Murray - BMX Jeremy Lusk - FMX