TED – Elizabeth Gilbert – Your Elusive Creative Genius

[YouTubeUlar] <— 1,392,643 I was surprised to see the date on this February 2009 TED video and the fact it took over 4 years to reach me. When Elizabeth Gilbert speaks about the genius of creativity and where does it come from… it directly reminds me of an interview I conducted in 2010 with a true musical genius, Doug Smith.

I really enjoy how Elizabeth talks about the source of creativity and her Ruth Stone Example. Doug couldn’t explain where his creativity came from either… other than it hitting him with a ton of bricks from somewhere above. He was simply the messenger to transcribe the grand message and deliver it to our ears through his grand piano.

To conclude, Elizabeth brings up a very good point to ponder…
is creativity directly linked to suffering?

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Doug Smith – I Am Craig Video

[Vimeeeeeo] <— 1848 LinkedIn recently inquired me to write about some projects from my past, so I thought I would share this little write up on the 2011 Craig Hospital Push Dinner video with Doug Smith, the most amazing pianist (sorry doug) in the world.

The 2011 installment of the “I Am Craig” PUSH Dinner Video was a fun one. Getting the opportunity to interview Doug Smith, a true musical genius, was a treat for me to figure out where his creativity comes from. Tying his story into a live show was a first for the Craig Hospital PUSH dinner videos… something they have now copied three times since this 2011 showing.

If you could have only been there to feel this transition take place… to see my work presented on such a large scale to tell the story of Doug Smith and then have him revealed and play such a powerful song live — It was such an amazing feeling.

I shot, edited and directed this piece with a small team of Jake Manley, Mary Bonner and myself. We all had a fun working road trip to Lubbock, Texas were everyone on the team learned a lot about each other, the local watering holes, and the man Doug Smith!

After the 6:40 mark in the video… I had zero control of shooting and editing. I feel as if the impact could have been a bit better matched to my original work – but you still get the impression of how impacted the audience was. [raw video]

I can’t wait to actually tell this entire story in Hydle detail sometime in the near future for all of you loyal readers and newly Doug Smith fans :) But for now – it stays in the memory bank.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the most amazing Doug Smith album of all time. It was recorded live in 2000 before his injury. The stories behind the recording of this album are incredible, but Doug Smith’s playing is even better.

[iTunes – Live – Doug Smith]
[Doug Smith – The Amazing Piano Player – Homepage]
[Doug Smith – The Amazing Piano Player – On Hydle.com]
[Craig Hospital]

HYDLE – 2011 Craig Hospital Push Dinner Video

[Vimeo] <— 112 views Wow - What an amazing story and adventure it was getting to hang out with Doug Smith. He is an incredible piano player and if you have never heard him play before his accident… it will alarm you what his fingers can do.

Buy his Live album and prepare to be *blown* away.
Work to it… rock out to it… study to it — just listen to it.

Artist: Doug Smith
Album: Doug Smith — Live
Songs: West Texas and Passion — give them 5 stars.

I can’t wait for your new album Doug!

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Doug Smith + Wyman Meinzer = West Texas

[Doug Smith] <— 103,000 Can't forget the Doug Smith Show.

For those of you fortunate enough to hear the stories from my trip to west texas to document the amazing Doug Smith… you will appreciate this. For those of you fortunate enough to witness this performance of a lifetime – you already have an appreciation for Doug and his incredible story.

A true musical genius behind the piano. This is the first track I share with people to help them understand what a piano is supposed to sound like.

Get this song: West Texas West Texas - Hope
Get the most amazing live piano album of all time: Doug Smith – Live Live - Doug Smith

HYDLE – The Doug Smith Show

I have a gift for you regarding a recent completion to a very inspiring project.

Don’t click the links unless you have time to consume…
[HERE] <— is written proof. [HERE] <— is Hydle RAW proof.

HYDLE – It’s Story Time

[iDevice Link] <— 21,510 In November of 2010 I had the opportunity to road trip to Lubbock, Texas to tell a story about a west texas piano player who goes by the name of Doug Smith. My only introduction to Doug prior to engaging with him at his home in Petersburg, Texas was this video above... and a minor tour through his music library from the iPod on the road trip down. Doug was injured in a car accident in 2007 while driving home from his studio late one evening on a two lane rural Texas road. Hey lay upside down for 3 hours with a broken neck before he was found and ultimately transferred to Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado to continue his rehabilitation back to the piano. As you will see in these future posts about this life changing trip to the cotton fields of west Texas, Doug Smith has since returned to the studio in a new musical form.

“You don’t need hands to play a piano… you don’t need legs either. You just need a will in your heart.”

Look for the release of Doug Smith’s first post injury album to be hit the shelves shortly after the 10th annual Craig Hospital PUSH Dinner on March 3rd, 2011 – where you will also get to view this completed video project.

For more information and tickets to the 10th annual PUSH Dinner – follow this (yet to be found) link.