Sexting Rock Stars

The new stats are out for our text stars, and now they are finally relating texting levels to educational level.

“Texting is also directly related to education level, peaking at 69.4 per day for adults with less than a high school diploma and steadily decreasing as education level rises to 23.8 among those with a college degree or more.”

Hit me on my pre-pay… GoPhoneYourself.

Losing or Gaining Communication?

I can’t wait to see what happens when these teenagers are actually forced to communicate with someone in person.

On another note…
– Women are 28% more likely to sext over men.
– 31% of us have smartphones.
– 228 million of americans over the age of 13 rock mobile.
– Tomorrow we’ll see how communication will ultimately end the world.

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2010 Old Spice Case Study

[iDevice Link] <— 6,400 views Cementing Old Spice as the number 1 brand of body wash for men. How did they do it? Just watch. I think we can cleanly say Old Spice has won this game... even though they were a little late to the game.

Successful Man Cleaning and Grooming Internet Campaigns:
2010 – Old Spice
2008 – Axe Detailer
2006 – Philips Body Groom