Level 1 Productions – Logan Imlach Sunny Jib Segment

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Level 1 just dropped Logan Imlach’s Sunny seg as a sneak peak for their iTunes release. I projected this movie again at the World Premier this year. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m claiming its WELL worth the $13 – do it.

Shane McConkey Trailer

[YouTubeUlar] <— 70,098

“He’s the most bad ass person on the face of the earth.”
-Travis Pastrana

Looking forward to seeing this RedBull release in 2013. The more I learn about Shane McConkey the crazier and nicer this guy seems to be. To hold you off until the movie is released… party out with some G.N.A.R or this ridiculous recap from last years Pain McShlonkey Classic.

I Love Awesomeness


FHUPPed up Eye Trip – Level 1

A couple years ago Dave Morin and I were openly talking about the inane direction of freestyle skiing and where it was going. We joked about creating a ski movie production company with a name that defined the craziest thing we could ever imagine seeing a skier do… and so, Flying Helicopters Under People Productions was formed.

FHUPP – A now common adjective for something that is ultimately crazy – has randomly shown up in nearly every film from the last couple of years… However, from my understanding, a true FHUPP has not been accomplished and I challenge anyone who may be willing to strive for it.

The latest installment of a FHUPPed up jump comes from Level 1 Productions latest park shoot at Sun Valley, Idaho.

Tom Wallisch gets inverted on one of the largest kickers I have ever seen. Click the image. Inspect for yourself. This is not small.

Just imagine the kid who guinea pigged this 110′ transfer gap – FHUPP.
ESPN Freeskiing blog has the writeup.

I can’t wait to see the actual chopper footage in Level 1’s new film “Eye Trip” due out in September. Thanks for the share Berman.


Chris Logan – Level 1 Eye Candy Shoot

Ryan St.Onge = Olympic Almost Gold

Be sure to watch Ryan St.Onge win gold in freestyle aerials tonight.

We have a futurist in Vancouver who has already snapped his gold medal winning jump celebration. I shot my prediction 2 years ago. Unfortunately some jumpers behind him pushed him down to 4th – but your still first in my book.

Congratulations Ryan. Now go miss your flight home for a burrito.

Team USA – Ryan St.Onge

Another exciting olympic season is closely approaching and I can’t wait for a good friend to win gold. Ryan St.Onge will be the next Olympic Gold Medalist for mens freestyle aerials.

Don’t be as surprised as I was to see him in this ad for Olympic Team USA.

Double Full - Triple Full - Full … I think you missed one too Ryan

Double Full - Triple Full - Full … I think you missed one too Ryan