Somersby Cider – Genius Apple Store Knockoff

[YouTubeUlar] <— 264,382 Beautiful knock off of so many things Apple, this commercial gets a rating from 1 to awesomeness, awesomeness. Good find Bodhi Gerfen Genius. [Facebook] <— 95 likes

Old Spice – Believe In Your Smellf

[YouTubeUlar] <— 116,752 I Love Awesomeness – The Delorean and The MixTape make an appearance in Old Spice’s latest ‘Champion’ line of deodorant.

Repeat after me… I am the best.
I have big muscles… and cool hair.
I have a sophisticated and diverse group of friends.
I own an environmentally responsible sports sedan.
I’m breaking up with Heather Graham because I need my space.
I am winning… all the sports.
I believe in myself.


Full Credits:

Agency – Wieden + Kennedy (Portland)

I Love Awesomeness – Bubba Watson on Dave Letterman

[YouTubeUlar] <— 107,277 While paying my State Farm semi-annual home insurance policy today and describing the rules behind ILA's first golf event "The Gong" ... my agent Scott Bristol simply asked me if I caught Bubba Watson on David Letterman the other night. To which he stated “It was awesome.”

Since I Love Awesomeness I had to check it out… and Scott – you were right.

At 3:20 Dave Letterman – who knows absolutely nothing about golf… asks Bubba how he would describe his personal approach to golf?

Bubba simply states…

“Pppppft – Awesome”

David later asks…

“Having won, probably the most treasured major… does this take pressure off a golfer, or put pressure on a golfer? What does this do to Bubba golf? Will you continue to be awesome? – I guess is what I am trying to say.”


Carlton – Blondes


“They say dogs grow to look like their owners – and Australian beer Carlton MID’s premise for this print campaign is that if you spend too much time with your wife, you’ll grow to look like her too. The tagline is ‘Spending too much time with the wife? Stay a little longer.’ Clemenger BBDO Melbourne created the ads as part of a long running campaign encouraging men to spend more time relaxing with their mates at the pub.”


Full Credits
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Client: Carlton
Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Art Director: Ant Phillips
Copywriter: Richard Williams

Uh oh! I have an iPhone Again

After 2 and a half years of “Hit me on my pre-pay!” and GoPhone calculator simplicity… I have finally stepped back into the iPhone world. I can honestly say that I haven’t missed being technical, the trendy factor of owning Apple devices definitely pushed me away from playing in this arena for a while – But now I’m back.

The Voice of Reason – To Do List

Relayed from another friend…

“My Buddy found this in a lost purse… Hilarious! (he was trying to find out whose purse it was; what he didn’t anticipate was finding the voice of reason narrating it)”

If your having a hard time trying to get over someone… like Landon – maybe this will give you the inspiration you need to just say NO… and to have sex with only 1 person while eliminating your blow problem and limiting your drinking problems. Just remember, no moondoggies for three more weeks! Time to get your hair done, get your tan on and whiten up those teeth to look good in your new clothes.

MFCEO Kenneth Powers is Back


[YouTube] <— 318 views My brother and I have been dreaming of a campaign like this... finally good to see it. Is this marketing? Or is it genius? Genius Marketing - again. Staff: Jillian Michaels - Community Outreach Director Matt Cassel - Chief Marketing Officer Josh Cox - Chief Super Long Distance Runner Officer Jon "Bones" Jones - Human Resources Director Urijah Faber - Chief Operations Officer Ray Mysterio - Director of Security Patrick Willis - VP of Carnage Kenny Powers - MFCEO Slogans: "Stop Not Training" "Un-Weak Yourself" "Do Not Undermine the Lightness of the Tubes" "Quit Not Breaking World Records" "I'm the Ceo. You Shut Up." "Get Championy" Micro Site: [K Swiss Micro Site of the Year]… again.

Behind the Scenes:
[Explaining MFCEO Kenny Powers] <— 614 YouTubeUlars: [Tubes or Weakness] <— 379 [A-Too Slow B-Not Enough Effort] <— 472 [Get Hard] <— 460 [Five-Druple] <— 401 [Patrick Willis] <— 443 K-Swiss Power Cologne: [Scent of Boner] <— 308 [The Shit] <— 535 [Scent of Dick] <— 328 Last Year R Rated: [40 Yard Dash] <— 3,477 [Last Years Explicit] <— 22,841 [Calipornia – Funny or Die] <— 55,124 If you still want to show your grandma the power of the tubes... watch this one. NOT EXPLICIT:
[YouTube] <— 696 views