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[YouTubeUlar] <— 8,400,723 Don't hesitate to look back at 2012 [Google Zeitgeist]. And definitely don’t hesitate to search on for 2013.

Interesting notes from 2012

Trending Athletes – #10 – Sarah Burke

Happy new year!

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Google Chrome – Coffee

[YouTubeUlar] <— 183,342 Lifestyle marketing with a professional wrapper. Google machines have just put an emotional tie into browsing the intermanets ... fantastic work. I just downloaded Chromeo and pulled stallin’ Safari from the dock.


Porch Song - The Meemies - EP Porch Song – The Meemies – EP

Top 10 August Viral

The top 10 picks for August, with links to view on YouTube:

1. Gillette – Amazing Roger Federer Trickshot, agency: N/A
2. Heal the Bay – The Majestic Plastic Bag, agency: DDB
3. SNCF – Bienvenue, Au Revoir, agency: Rhett & Link / Platinum Rye / PainePR
4. Carlton Draught – Slo Mo, agency: Clemenger BBDO
5. Cadbury – I Gotta Be Me, agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
6. Puma – After Hours Athlete, agency: Droga5
7. Google – Google New Baby, agency: Google Creative Lab
8. V Energy – Pomparkour Ladder Sport, agency: Colenso BBDO
9. Drench – Cubehead, agency: CHI & Partners
10. Orbit – The Dancer, agency: Electus / DumbDumb / Energy BBDO

Sports + Humor = Viral

April Video Numbers

Americans watched 30.3 billion online videos in April 2010.

Nearly 178 million viewers watched an average of 171 videos per viewer during the month of April 2010. 96 of those came from Google sites (YouTube) and facebook raises to 5th on the list.

Average online video is now 4.4 minutes thanks to television continuing it’s crossover to the internets (Hulu).

March Video Numbers

Americans watched 31.2 billion online videos in March 2010. Back up from February.

Over 180 million viewers watched an average of 173.3 videos during the month of March 2010. 96 of those came from Google sites (YouTube) and facebook raises to 6th on the list.

The average Hulu viewer watched 26.7 videos, totaling 2.6 hours of video per viewer which kicks the average online video length to a whopping 4.3 minutes now.

Top 10 February Viral

The top 10 picks for February, with links to view on YouTube:

1. Bud Light – Clothing Drive, agency: DDB
2. Sussex Safer Roads Partnership – Embrace Life, agency: Rockutainment
3. Old Spice – The Man You Could Smell Like, agency: Wieden & Kennedy
4. Google – Parisian Love, agency: Google Creative Lab
5. Nolan’s Cheddar – Mousetrap, agency: John Nolan (parody ad)
6. Puma – Hardchorus, agency: Droga5
7. Snickers – Pick Up Game (Super Bowl), agency: BBDO
8. Doritos – Gym Ninja (Super Bowl), agency: Goodby Silverstein and Partners
9. Cerveza Andes – Teletransporter, agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
10. Burton – Shaun White Double McTwist, agency: N/A

Genius: 2, 3, 7, 9
Not Genius: 8

Hydle Favorite:

I posted this back on February 9th as it provided emotional fuel for a very emotional Craig Hospital project I was working on.


November Video Numbers


November provided record breaking online video viewership.

170 million US internet users spent 12.2 hours watching 31 billion videos in November. Do the math – that is 182 videos per viewer with an average length of 4 minutes… ick.

Thanks to Television going to the internets – this number continues to rise.