JP Auclair – Alpine Initiatives – Inspire

[Vimeeeeeo] <— 3,256 A year ago I challenged JP Auclair to take the time and make a show reel that encapsulates what Alpine Initiatives does for the launch of their new website. It's a difficult task - because to make something great takes a lot of time and organization... all while you are super busy doing other things — and JP is always busy doing other things.

Las week the new AI Site launched with this video as their visual point.

Congratulations JP. You have inspired. Now it is time to connect and grow. In the coming month we will announce a partnership between Alpine Initiatives and Blackbox Case that will continue this exploration.

“One initiative begets 10,000 initiatives”

Mountain lovers… Snow enthusiasts.
We thrive on exploration… Challenges… and innovation.
We believe that… Healthy environments need… Healthy communities.

Alpine Initiatives brings us together… to create a sustainable future for people and their environments around the globe.

Inspire action and participation.
Connect the people and the resources.
Grow a sustainable world.
Turn your passion into action.

Alpine initiatives
– Inspire
– Connect
– Grow

HYDLE – Super Bowl Ad Wrap-up

Song – Dream Police – Cheap Trick

I tracked 100 advertisements throughout Super Bowl XLIV and the winner for most creative and overall best executed upon first review is Audi… and this is partly why – Take the challenge. Nice work Paul Venables from Venebles Bell & Partners in San Francisco.

Two other ads that blatantly got me were the Denny’s chickens. The first of 3 Denny’s commercials aired in the 3rd quarter and I perceived it as old, already been done… and not very impressive.

But surprisingly they had two more coming in the 4th quarter from Goodby Silverstein & Partners.


Coca Cola came through with their regular two weirdly inspirational spots by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland. Google made some internet waves and told a story through search. FloTV spent some coin and their Generation advertisement was inspiring to kick off the half time show.

Let Downs

E*Trade babies were back, but not with original voices. Maybe they are growing up. It is very hard to top what they have already accomplished with their babies. So why keep trying.

Doritos should probably quit allowing consumers to make their ads for them.

Go Daddy has nearly almost run its course. Their second ad slightly saved the first… but nothing like they used to be… simply because (lesson to everyone listed above) da da da… it has already been done before.


Additional commercials that got checks in my book. As in – I would like to check them out again are:

Miller High Life Little Guys link Station Film
McDonalds Play You For It link Translation
Snickers Old Lady link BBDO, New York
Monster Beaver link BBDO, New York Timothy Richmond link
CBS David Letterman SB Party link
Dodge Man’s Last Stand link Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Intel Lunchroom link Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco
Intel Timeline link Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco
VW Slug Bug link Griswold’s link Job Fairy link MJZ
2010 Census Census link DraftFCB, New York
NFL Networks Best Fans on the Planet link Grey, New York
TruTV Groundhog Day link Grey, New York

The Surprise

Of all brands and commercials that I would never consider as being something I could support… the big surprise this year was this Kia – Sorento ad from David & Goliath, Los Angeles.


Of the 8 Budweiser and Bud Light related ads that ran… 3 interested me. Asteroid, T-Pain and Lost. All of which were puns off their new “It’s the shear sign of a good time” jingle.

Brosive Hydle Creates

My creative brother is at it again… this time making what he calls a Green friendly “Media Credenza” from sustainable materials.

“I designed, built and hand painted….yes, hand painted to look like real wood but its not real wood at all…. its made from formaldehyde free MDF…. look it up, its a green material. Im pretty sure that Im the only one in the world that has made a piece like this one…. Its already received quite a bit of attention…… not the greatest pics but anyways, hope you like!!”

I do like… and after seeing it in person I can definitely confirm that it amazingly does look like real wood. Luckily he is taking orders, because I want one for my own house.

Hydle Media Credenza

Green Steps = Small Steps

This video is not interesting enough to embed… and neither is this feel good story about Marcal – the oldest recycled paper maker in the country – but it brings up good points about green-washing.

It’s the whole idea that people are not going to make dramatic steps in anything they do. Even if you want to go green, it’s small steps.

The Value of Green


Interesting to see the trends in purchasing power as Americans work their way through this economic situation.

As I have said all along – it is not that we are NOT spending money.  It’s that when we do spend it, we are definitely looking for the value in what we are buying.

Take *note* that Value does not always mean Quality.