Top 10 November Viral

  1. Cullman Liquidation – Mobile Homes, agency: Rhett & Link
  2. ‘Improv Everywhere’ & Trident – Grocery Store Musical, agency: Improv Everywhere
  3. Guinness – Bring it to Life, agency: AMV BBDO, London
  4. Verizon – Misfit Toys, agency: McCann-Erickson, New York
  5. Nokia N900 – The Journey Starts Here, agency: The Mill
  6. Vodafone – Vodafone Symphonia, agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland
  7. Heineken – Know The Signs, agency: Ruby
  8. Toshiba – Space Chair Project, agency: Grey London
  9. Telekom Malaysia – Through My Window, agency: DraftFCB Malaysia, Universal McCann
  10. Samsung – Hardest Hockey Shot, agency: Cheil Worldwide

Experiences Rule Advertising

Cheers to Red Bull – Guinness – Nike … all great examples of non technology bred companies that understand the experience-driven world.

Red Bull basically pioneered the experiential category. Not only did the brand rise to prominence by sponsoring alternative athletes and lifestyles, it went further by creating its own events, like Red Bull’s Flugtag and even its own sports like Red Bull’s Crashed Ice, which takes over old Quebec with a mix of hockey and motorcross. Even the brand’s website has morphed into a blog, much like today’s most popular publishers.

A quick and fun read awaits you by clicking this link.