Thunderbolt Technology

  • Dual-channel, each 10 Gbps
  • Bi-directional, equally fast in both directions
  • Dual protocol, PCI Express for hard disks and DisplayPort for monitors
  • Daisy-chain-able, supports up to six devices per channel
  • Woks with both copper and fiber cabling, fiber allows longer cable runs
  • Low latency, very, VERY short delays in transferring signals
  • Delivers up to 10 watts of power over copper wiring, but not fiber, to support bus-powered devices. (Though this is not enough for most hard disks)

[Intel – Light Peak]
[VIDEO: Engadget Thunderbolt Demo]
[Thanks to Larry Jordan for the inspiration]

Top 10 September Viral

The top 10 picks for September, with links to view on YouTube:
1. Tipp-Ex – A Hunter Shoots a Bear, agency: Buzzman
2. Diesel Sneakers – Kick Ass, agency: Santo
3. Samsung – Cute Little Girl Has a Catchy Dance, agency: The Viral Factory
4. DC Shoes – Ultimate Playground, agency: Mad Media
5. Arab Dairy – Never Say No to Panda, agency: Advantage Marketing & Advertising/Elephant
6. Intel – Intel Bass Jump, agency: Intel
7. Phillips – Nigel & Victoria, agency:
8. Cebu Pacific – Cebu Pacific FAS Dancing, agency: Cebu Pacific
9. French Connection UK, YouTube, agency: Poke
10. Samsung, Memory Card Testing, Overkill Edition, agency: The Viral Factory

Overall – Not impressed with this list.

Top 10 December Viral

  1. Activision – Skateboard Dog, agency: Droga 5; Sharethrough
  2. National Geographic – Deadly Predator
  3. New Zealand Book Council – Going West, agency: Colenso BBDO
  4. Victoria’s Secret – One Gift
  5. Plane Stupid – Polar Bears
  6. Intel – Cannonbells, agency: MRM London
  7. Breast Cancer Awareness – Pink Glove Dance
  8. Orbit – Clean it up, agency: Evolution Bureau, Sharethrough
  9. Epson – Extreme Gamer, agency: twentysix
  10. Muscle Milk – Sexy Pilgrim, agency: Pereira & O’Dell, Sharethrough

Genius: 2, 3, 4
Not Genius: 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Hydle Favorite:

Sponsors of Tomorrow

I’m seeing new intel ads pop up via email / chat / internets.

Tagline = Sponsors of Tomorrow.

Upon seeing this ad, I was pretty excited around the creative [marketing level genius]… but searching further brought up this piece of crap video [marketing level NOT genius].

Sorry intel – very close, but no ‘wireless power’ on this campaign.