Hugh MacLeod – Haunted

“This is kinda my life story, up until quite recently.

I always knew I had something, even if I couldn’t quite say exactly what it was.

And it haunted me, it really did. Because until I got to the point where I could articulate what my life purpose REALLY was (and make a living doing it), life didn’t seem that real too me.

What? This? This is my life? I’m supposed to schlepp around for low wages? Forever?

I’m just glad I persevered. I’m just glad my dream just needed a wee bit of pen and paper, that it didn’t need a cast of thousands and a lot of capital to get off the ground.

Thank God for the Internet, is all I can say….”

Now you are a celebrity

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That means that… There are people who don’t know you… and who don’t like you.

Specifically, there are people who don’t know your work, who haven’t taken the time to understand your point of view, who nonetheless have had to draw a conclusion about who you are and what you do.

“I don’t like Angelina Jolie.”

“Which movie didn’t you like?”

“Oh, I’ve never seen any of her movies. I just don’t like her.”

More positively, celebrity, particularly social media celebrity (which more and more of us have every day) earns you trust and access and an audience. Your twitter followers or friends of friends on Facebook are more likely to cut you slack because you’re not a stranger.

But it’s unreasonable to expect only the upside. There are now people in the world who don’t know you and who don’t like you. Sorry.

WORLD NEWS FLASH – The Internet is Larger then the Televisions

According to the latest Infinite Dial study by Arbitron and Edison Research

The internet has surpassed TV as the “most essential” medium.

Wait – read that again. For the first time, the internet surpassed TV as the “most essential” medium.

49% of those studied said they would eliminate the TV over 48% who said they would eliminate the internets. 3% were apparently missing.

In other news – 24% of us have listened to an iPod in an automobile at some point in out lives after we turned older then 12 and 54% of us who own a “portable digital music device” have connected it into our cars.

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Wired on Facebook

Will Facebook monetize on their proprietary stream of 200 million users before we realize face to face interactions are how socialization is supposed to happen?

“… this data comprises a mammoth amount of activity, almost a second Internet. By Facebook’s estimates, every month users share 4 billion pieces of information—news stories, status updates, birthday wishes, and so on. They also upload 850 million photos and 8 million videos.”

I feel like we are entering middle school and people are finally realizing that the annoying friends we have in public… are twice as annoying on the internet.

Will the social graph prevail?
Wired has the article with all the answers.


Great Wall of Facebook