Oh Fuck is Right

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“Oh Fuck!”

Oh fuck is right… as Jeb Corliss states about his previous accident from Table Mountain in South Africa.

“This is raw footage of both impacts from the outside camera shot by Jeff. This is the first time you can really see the second impact and how fast it came after the first. The second impacts is where i broke both my ankles and my fibula…”

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New Lines by Jokke Sommer

[YouTubeUlar] <— 213,614 This video will hit most inboxes within the week... good to see that Jokke Sommer is somehow active after Jeb Corliss grounded himself [2,176,844] earlier in the year.

Watching these two compete back and forth on the internets is like watching a fight to the death. It’s absolutely mind blowing the adrenalin rush one would receive from accomplishing some of these lines – let alone watching someone else do it.



[YouTubeUlar] <— 116,373 Overall I would give this video a fail coming from GoPro, I know they can do better. It is a little crazy and definitely helps understand the perspective of Jeb Corliss and his dreams. Feel free to scan to 7:15 and watch from their if you don't have to 10 minutes to consume it all. Ouch. Inspire. Be Crazy. GoPro.