MFCEO Kenneth Powers is Back


[YouTube] <— 318 views My brother and I have been dreaming of a campaign like this... finally good to see it. Is this marketing? Or is it genius? Genius Marketing - again. Staff: Jillian Michaels - Community Outreach Director Matt Cassel - Chief Marketing Officer Josh Cox - Chief Super Long Distance Runner Officer Jon "Bones" Jones - Human Resources Director Urijah Faber - Chief Operations Officer Ray Mysterio - Director of Security Patrick Willis - VP of Carnage Kenny Powers - MFCEO Slogans: "Stop Not Training" "Un-Weak Yourself" "Do Not Undermine the Lightness of the Tubes" "Quit Not Breaking World Records" "I'm the Ceo. You Shut Up." "Get Championy" Micro Site: [K Swiss Micro Site of the Year]… again.

Behind the Scenes:
[Explaining MFCEO Kenny Powers] <— 614 YouTubeUlars: [Tubes or Weakness] <— 379 [A-Too Slow B-Not Enough Effort] <— 472 [Get Hard] <— 460 [Five-Druple] <— 401 [Patrick Willis] <— 443 K-Swiss Power Cologne: [Scent of Boner] <— 308 [The Shit] <— 535 [Scent of Dick] <— 328 Last Year R Rated: [40 Yard Dash] <— 3,477 [Last Years Explicit] <— 22,841 [Calipornia – Funny or Die] <— 55,124 If you still want to show your grandma the power of the tubes... watch this one. NOT EXPLICIT:
[YouTube] <— 696 views