Thought it would be worth sharing a couple first time visitors experience at Kirkwood! January 22nd, 2016 was another fantastic powder day to enjoy the fresh that the Kirkwood has to offer. Nikki Peterson and Ryan Johnston – Come visit us in Tahoe more often!

Epic Race Mountain 08 Kirkwood

The drive out to Kirkwood was gorgeous, it was a first for all of us and we enjoyed the crap out of the drive.

It was a bluebird day which has been rare for us so far, so we were pretty excited to get in some fun turns. We got the best parking spot on the mountain somehow, and then took a few photos in the village, and ran into #wherescoop and chatted and took a few photos with him.

There was one lift and one run open, so there wasn’t much to do on the hill, but like always the boys managed to make the most of it. Rhinehart found a spot to get in his signature daffy, and Hydle took an epic line that was “so huge” (um see the video, you’ll see what I’m talking about haha).

As Rhinehart was filming Hydle take his huge line, a kid launched off a jump and exploded into a gnarly yard sale. Rhinehart went over to help the kid gather his skis and stuff, and found out his name was Charlie, so he got the nickname Gnarly Charlie (see Rhinehart’s video for a rad slo mo shot of Gnarly Charlie’s yard sale!)

We took a total of 3 runs, and then headed to the bar at the bottom where we ordered a round of drinks in the sun and a fellow epic racer Adam showed up and sat with us. Once the sun went down we got cold, and decided to head over to the Kirkwood Inn for our final photo/video spot and have some après ski.

The Kirkwood Inn was awesome – super cute old cabin with a nice big fireplace, and a creepy photo of Zachary Kirkwood in the back corner. We sat next to Mr. Kirkwood’s pic and the fireplace and ordered some drinks and apps and took some more videos, and epic racer Adam caught up with us again.

We closed up the day by heading back home to my house, and had a bunch of friends over for editing, cooking, and drinks. Another fun day in Tahoe, and now we’re off for Northstar! Go Broncos!