Las Vegas – Steven McCann is the Man


This is a complete Las Vegas recap… all wrapped into one video.

If you watch the triple whip hit / fall / crash Steven McCann took on the run previous to this — it will blow your mind that he had the balls to get back up and compete for the win.

If you Brad Jay breakdown the scenario of the BMX Vert Finals you would understand that if Stevie McCann pulls of this win he would also win the overall Dew Cup… which was lost by just two (2) points to the unstoppable 7 Dew Cup BMX Vert champion Jamie Bestwick.

This should make for a very interesting 2012 season.

Las Vegas – Venetian C-GOP

Happy 28th Golden Birthday Bachelor Mark Huebner – 28 on May 28th.

This insane C-GOP included:

Mark Huebner, Phil Coan, Josh “TheChief” Frantz, Ryan Whiting, Jay Dunlop, Steven Walden, Scott Foran and myself.

Line items from this Las Vegas golden adventure:

Limo to the airport photo video
Frontier sucks photo video
Flight 777 row 5 = most entertaining flight ever photo video
Venetian – Suite photo video
Slap the bag photo video
Coors Light Mimosas photo video
Pool pool pool photo video
Golf golf – drunk golf photo video
New friends photo video
Stoney’s photo video
Moon Walking photo video
Stoney’s Ass photo video
Kicked off the table photo video
Canonball photo video
Goodbye Mark Gift photo video
Home photo video

Will upload with support.

Vegas Extreme Skydiving – √

[iDevice Link] <— 89 views March 20th, 2010 - By far one of the most relaxing experiences of all time. If you jump at Vegas Extreme Skydiving – You want to jump with Brian Moler. Request him and tip large. Tell him the crazy skydiver from denver sent you.

RJ, Dan, Dave, Mike … What an amazing feeling and opportunity.
Thank you so much.

Back Online

Mesquite and Las Vegas have been a bit of a blur – but I’m back online and releasing content. Sorry Vegas – No more “what happens here stays here”

No More

You have a new tag line that Johnson and Hydle just Trademarked

Las Vegas – No Expectations™

And I’m sharing.

Wide Open Nevada ✓
Worlds Largest Pool Party ✓
Vegas Extreme Sky Diving ✓
Prom Dress ✓


I recently had the privilege of attending SEMA with my cousin Matt Ruchong. He runs a customs shop in Fortuna, CA and was our expert for the day… which both Roxs and I needed.

Matt’s wealth of knowledge in the auto industry supersedes my wealth of anything. If your in northern california – Look him up.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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