Bamboo Blackbox Case Project = 100% Funded

Today is an exciting day!

At 10:08am I got a call from Matt Wells telling me he wanted to fund our project exactly. At 10:11am he pledged $83 for an iPad 2 Case which put us exactly at $25,000! Thanks for the help señor Wells and for being so cool to exactly pledge what was needed to get these screen shots. You are the man… right up there with all 204 of our other backers who pledged for 247 cases throughout our first fund raising goal.

If your still interested in picking up a Bamboo Blackbox Case for your iPad 2, MacBook Air or Macbook Pro — you have 1 week remaining to pick up a discounted first offering case! And there is still 37 iPad 2 cases available for only $79. These cases will never be priced this low again so grab one for the holidays!

Rock on!
Greg Hydle

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Bamboo Blackbox Case Launch

We finally launched a project I have been working on early this morning. I have to say that it is scary to put yourself out there like this when you simply just don’t know what can happen. I’m feeling confident that we can get some attention and reach our goal though. These cases are just too well made and gorgeous to not be seen and there are some super good deals for those early adopters.

“Thank you for your support and helping us take Blackbox Case to the next level. As you can see in our pledging limits to the right we have tried to accommodate for nearly anyone who would like to be a part of making this product a success. We have included some fun enhancements for those of you who are looking for that extra effort in truly building a product together and we have provided some excellent deals for you early adopters. Don’t take our light hearted approach of making something unique and home grown the wrong way — We are firm believers in following your passions and making the most of any opportunity that is granted to you. Life is simply too short to not make something amazing.”

Save $20 on an iPad 2 Bamboo Case for the first 100 pledgers… Cheers to the future!

Worlds Greenest Notebooks


New kids are in town. Which means my current 17″ Unibody MacBook Pro 2.66GHz / 4GB / 320GB is for sale.

Apple claims these are the greenest notebooks available with their revolutionary new built-in battery that can recharge up to 1000 times. That equates to 3x less battery waste over the course of a traditional 5 year standard computer user life cycle and although that really just sounds like a lot of variables to me… they will take less green backs out of your pocket to get one.

13″ MacBook Pro

2.26 GHz / 2GB / 160GB / 9400M + SD Card Slot = $1199
2.53 GHz / 4GB / 250GB / 9400M + SD Card Slot = $1499

15″ MacBook Pro

2.53 GHz / 4GB / 250GB / 9400M + SD Card Slot = $1699
2.66 GHz / 4GB / 320GB / 9400M + 9600M GT + SD Card Slot = $1999
2.80 GHz / 4GB / 500GB / 9400M + 9600M GT + SD Card Slot = $2299

17″ MacBook Pro

2.80 GHz / 4GB / 500GB / 9400M + 9600M GT + ExpressCard Slot = $2499

MacBook “who cares” Air

1.86 GHz / 2GB / 120GB / 9400M + NothingElse = $1499
2.13 GHz / 2GB / 128GB SSD / 9400M + ExtremeNothingElse = $1799