Mat “Condor” Hoffman – Toughest Guy in Sports

Mat Hoffman - Toughest Guy In Sports

ESPN claims Mat Hoffman as the toughest guy in sports. After reading this intriguing article about the history of this legend… I would have to agree.

“I was flipping and tumbling through the sky, holding on as tight as I could. I felt like someone had put me in the dryer and turned it on high. At 8,000 feet I threw my bike and stopped spinning. My chute opened at around 6,000 feet and I started looking for my target. Flying above the desert, the ground below looks like Mars; nothing but cracked earth. I saw what I thought was our van and started flying toward it. I went about three miles before I realized I was headed toward an abandoned house. I dropped into the backyard and noticed a kid sitting by a fire, roasting marshmallows. In the desert. In 100° heat. He saw me, pulled his stick out of the fire, reached it toward me and said, “Would you like a marshmallow?”

Hoffman shares even better stories about his childhood growing up and how his parents never limited or stopped him and his brother Travis from accomplishing danger. I was very entertained by this write up from Alyssa Roenigk from ESPN The Magazine.

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Pushing the Limits

[YouTubular] <— 11,243 This is a very good look into the mindsets of todays action sports athlete. I will continue to look into why this video was produced and for what event... I believe it was X-Games oriented back in 2009 - And can you believe what has happened in the last 2 years? When does the reset button get pressed? Athletes: Carey Hart - FMX Matt Hoffman - BMX Brian Deegan - FMX Tony Hawk - Skateboarding Bob Burnquist - Skate Dave Mirra - BMX Mike Metzger - FMX Travis Pastrana - FMX Danny Way - Skate Ronnie Faisst - FMX Todd Potter - FMX Pierre-Luc Gagnon - Skate Jake Brown - Skate Stephen Murray - BMX Jeremy Lusk - FMX