Ken Block – Gymkhana Infographic

Not a common post from me – but DC actually reached out to blog owners and intermanets related peeps like myself to share this content.

AKA – I didn’t have to find it.

Now if only they were nice enough to provide direct links to their entire YouTubeUlar series of videos – duh.

[YouTubeUlar] <— 18,106,283

Level 1 — Parker White Does Japan

[iDevice Link] <— 5,467 Straight from the horses mouth... can't wait to see more skiing content drop regarding Level 1's new movie "After Dark."

“Monster athlete Parker White made his way to Hokkaido, Japan with Level 1 for two weeks in February to chase pow, pillows, and Japanese schoolgirls. The crew saw as much sun as snow for the duration of the trip, but a few smaller cycles dumped enough snow to make it all worthwhile. Parker gives us the rundown on his first experience in the Land of the Rising Sun, and a look at some of the B-shots and outtakes. Stay tuned for more updates, info, and behind-the-scenes antics from Level 1’s Fall 2011 release, “After Dark.”

Rally Drift – Monster vs Redbull vs Rockstar

In November we saw Tanner and his new 600HP Scion V8 at SEMA in Vegas. It is good to finally see it in action.


Red Bull has Travis Pastrana
Monster has Ken Block
Rockstar has Tanner Foust

… and they have all made somewhat unique YouTubes.

So who wins?

Monster Ken Block June 1st, 2009 Gymkhana Two
Red Bull Travis Pastrana Dec 23rd, 2009 Making of teaser
Dec 31st, 2009 New Years No Limits (Live)
Rockstar Tanner Foust Feb 22nd, 2010 Mulholland Teaser
March 15th, 2010 Mulholland Drift
April 5th, 2010 Behind the Scenes

. In depth review to appear here: