Hydle Finally Inspired – Take Charge of Your Health

Ted Archuleta ready to go massive on your ass

June 4th, 2011 – Ted Archuleta will reveal his newly shaped body to the world when he performs his 60 second routine to this get pumped version of “All of the Lights” by Kanye West and Rihanna.

Directions – How To Take Charge of Your Health

1 – Listen to the mix we made — All of the Lights (Archuleta Mix by Hydle)
2 – Get pumped.
3 – Now you understand where the context of this email is coming from.

Ok Ted … time for Hydle to take charge of his health.

I want a program – I want small episodes of how to cook – how to eat healthy – and I want to understand why why why… why a certain percentage of whole wheat whatever is ok vs. some other whole wheat whatever. I want to bring this story into my blogo-sphere-land and story telling ability and it is going to connect with other random cooking things I have in the pipeline.

There is a space for this now and in the future… your identity has already been slightly established (http://www.hydle.com/blog/tag/ted-archuleta/) and with your weight training and body building success about to unfold we have a perfect launching platform to tell stories.

This will take work — actually it will probably be the most difficult thing you have ever achieved (way harder then going to coors complex and not drinking beer)… but I think you can muster it. Let me know if you are up for being the master dietitian… + rocket scientist. And maybe energy drink review master for Hydle.com

Rock on!

4 – Support Ted at the Mile High Natural Bodybuilding Championships on June 4th.
5 – Live better and smile more.
6 – Repeat steps 1 and 2.
7 – Repeat step 6 – over and over and over again.