Poor Boyz Productions – Revolver

[Vimeeeeee-oh yeah!] <— 8,008 A look back at Poor Boys Productions 2008 feature film Revolver — This gets me excited for snow to really start falling.

Mountains Are Fun

[YouTubeUlar] <— 11,924

“Super cool buddies who hopefully love me enough to pimp! As you may know, my 9th full time job is making movies about crazy people. The new trailer for my next crazy people movie is done and we are trying to get a buzz on it.

Greatly appreciate it if you could watch it and if you are so inclined forward it around, post on facebook, tweet, etc.”

Anything you can do to get people to check it out or forward it around, comment on it, etc….greatly appreciated!

A few things before you watch from questions I have gotten from others:

  • The unicyclist is on the edge of a 2500 foot cliff… his tire is a couple inches
  • Simon Dumont travels about 200 feet in the air and reaches an apex of about 100 feet high in the air before touchdown on ice
  • The cliff the ski jumper front flips is 210 feet high
  • The guy jumping over the road is coming from about 100 feet in the air or like jumping off a 10 story building over a road
  • The song is the new single from the band Bush…thank you Gavin!
  • Thx much in advance and don’t try this at home!

Thanks Steve
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250 Most Influential People in Snowbiz

The Ski Channel has developed a list of who’s who in the snow business and attempted to present it on the internets. What a horrible way to display a list of influential people… so I made a small list of my influentials.

14 – Warren Miller
16 – Mcconkey
31 – Dumont
33 – Hall
35 – Wade Martin
38 – Moseley
58 – Fayfield
95 – Seth Morrison
98 – Johnny Decesare
99 – Mcilvain / Auclair
102 – Greg Stump
104 – Steve Winter
110 – Colby West
118 – Obermeyer
122 – Jerard
133 – Chris Prybylo
135 – O’Connell
139 – Scot Schmidt
164 – Kristi Leskinen
184 – JF Cusson
191 – Colin Kaufmann
197 – Billy Kidd
209 – Josh Berman
211 – Mahre Bros
212 – Candide
216 – Tom Wallisch
231 – Stein Eriksen
232 – Riley Poor
241 – Tommy Moe
250 – Bruce Willis!!!!?