The Bird — Hard at Work in the Mentawai Islands

[VimeeeeeO] <— 5 Straight from the man and Bird pilot Paul Borrud himself…

“In June of 2014, we spent 11 days surfing the Mentawai Islands. The conditions were perfect the entire trip with light offshore winds and plenty of swell to go around. I was able to capture some pretty interesting angles using Phyllis (name of my drone). Enjoy the highlights of our trip and experience the beauty of the Islands from above. The Bird”

Looks like a surfers dream to me… and one hell of a Niit5 location.

John Lynch – ABROAD


Todays “sit down and watch” video is brought to you buy a traveling friend Katie Hilborn. While Katie is traveling and rocking out Phuket she is also sharing solid work from her friends.

Discussing the message of his new film, John Lynch states,

“It’s about how meeting fellow travelers can open up your world. I hope this movie encourages others to get off the tourist trail, throw away their itineraries, and get involved with something out of their comfort zone; stepping in to make a difference is much more rewarding than just being an observant tourist.”

On a personal level, he found satisfaction in the fact that he “did not just find a story to tell, but lived a story worth telling.”

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Surfing – Kelly Slater 11x World Champion

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Quiksilver’s Kelly Slater clinched an historic and unprecedented 11th ASP World Title today in the cold and challenging waters of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. Slater, 39, is the first surfer to achieve 11 ASP World Titles, an accomplishment spanning two decades of an astounding career during which he has dominated competitive surfing as both the youngest and oldest ASP World Champion.

Good find Jim – thanks for the share.

Music = Every Kingdom – Ben HowardBlack Flies

Big Wave Skiing – Chuck Patterson Skiing Jaws

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“Chuck Patterson is a former pro Freeskier, a professional Waterman, and one of the most fearless humans we’ve ever met. After a brief experiment with skiing on waves several years ago, Chuck’s passion for the idea was re-lit after watching Mike Douglas and Cody Townsend ski the waves of Maui in 2009. In January 2011, Chuck followed the biggest swell of the year to Maui, to see if he could see if he could successfully ski Pe’ahi or ‘Jaws’ — one of the most powerful waves on earth”

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Andy Irons Memorial :(

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