Damn – Waco isn’t so WACO Anymore – BSR Cable Park

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Wow, what can I say. Last time I was in WACO, Texas – ummmm, isn’t that enough? Let’s just say none of this awesome BSR Cable Park shit existed. We had a hard time finding a bar open after 9pm and that’s no joke.

For $20 you can buy an all day pass to flip your meat on the Royal Flush water slide in front of other meat.  Bring your own booze, or don’t – seems like they just don’t care.  Which is what makes the BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas awesome.

Apparently they were voted #1 wake park in 2013.  I can see why.  Here is some more info for you to chalk up.

[BSR Cable Park Homepage]
[BSR Cable Park Facebook]
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Red Bull – Formula 1 Returns to America

Red Bull invited Tom Cruise to take a spin in a Red Bull F1 car at Willow Springs race track in southern California recently, so he took a break from post-production work on the latest Mission: Impossible film to take advantage of the unique opportunity. After an impressive turn behind the wheel, Cruise jumped into the Red Bull aerobatic helicopter with ace pilot Chuck Aaron for a few more thrills. The Red Bull F1 car has been appearing in the U.S. recently to mark the stateside return of Formula 1 racing in 2012 at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

  1. Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing will return to the united states next year with a stop in Austin, TX.
  2. Red Bull just used Tom Cruise to advertise this.
  3. If you never got the memo… helicopters can do corkscrews and loops.
  4. All thanks to Red Bull.

HYDLE – It’s Story Time

[iDevice Link] <— 21,510 In November of 2010 I had the opportunity to road trip to Lubbock, Texas to tell a story about a west texas piano player who goes by the name of Doug Smith. My only introduction to Doug prior to engaging with him at his home in Petersburg, Texas was this video above... and a minor tour through his music library from the iPod on the road trip down. Doug was injured in a car accident in 2007 while driving home from his studio late one evening on a two lane rural Texas road. Hey lay upside down for 3 hours with a broken neck before he was found and ultimately transferred to Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado to continue his rehabilitation back to the piano. As you will see in these future posts about this life changing trip to the cotton fields of west Texas, Doug Smith has since returned to the studio in a new musical form.

“You don’t need hands to play a piano… you don’t need legs either. You just need a will in your heart.”

Look for the release of Doug Smith’s first post injury album to be hit the shelves shortly after the 10th annual Craig Hospital PUSH Dinner on March 3rd, 2011 – where you will also get to view this completed video project.

For more information and tickets to the 10th annual PUSH Dinner – follow this (yet to be found) link.