TOTD – 200 MPH

“The coffee mug is full, it’s 10:30 pm, but it feels like 10:30 am. You are experiencing the rush of being “in flow”.

You’re furiously typing your ‘big idea’, and you know the hair-brained scheme you just dreamt up is going to be a winner. A big winner.

You’re at 200 MPH, and you just know you can push the needle further.

You do.”

I’m doing this right now…  only still adventuring at the same time. Look for a Kickstarter Blackbox release tomorrow.  Thanks for defining how my brain works Hugh MacLeod.

Hugh MacLeod – Complete Agreement

There are a couple reasons why I have never applied myself in the corporate world. This is one of them…

“Back in my early corporate days, this came as quite a shock to me: that people sitting around the table didn’t always say what they were REALLY thinking! Shock! Horror!

But why would anyone lie? Aren’t we all meant to be on the same team?

But after a while, you get used to it. After a while, it’s normal. After a while, you learn to laugh at it.

And that’s when the cartoon appears…”

Interestingly enough… you can apply this concept directly to relationships too.
Thanks Hugh.

TOTD – Internet Famous

Everybody's Internet Famous

“I have a lot of friends that you could describe as “Internet Famous”. One of the advantages of being an early-adaptor blogger is seeing the careers of some your friends from the early days take of. Sometimes, seeing them take of to the sky, it seems.

Whereas you, well, you’re just the same. Still stuck in the same ol’ same ol’.

Unlike your now-famous rockstar friends. Or whatever.

All is vanity.”

TOTD – Rock Stars!

Hugh MacLeod Rock Stars

Straight from Hugh…

“To paraphrase Graham Weston, the Chairman of one my clients, Rackspace, “Everybody wants to play on a winning team, doing something that matters.”

In other words, everybody wants to be a rock star, doing rock star stuff with other rock star people.

So I drew a rock star cartoon on the subject.

And so there y’are…”

Whose winning team are you playing on?

TOTD – Life Without Love

“This is really about ‘making-up’. When you are just at the edge of the ‘it’s too hard’ precipice, look down and think about life without love.

It’s easy to be cynical about love. But when loves leaves your life, you realize that everything is better with it. The Friendship, Partnership, Warmth, Connectedness, Support – it all makes life just a bit more worth living.

Don’t be cynical, don’t be flippant, try your heart out, you don’t have to settle – strong back, open heart – it’s worth it.”

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