What not to do in a raft…

Why would I leave Colorado for a white water rafting adventure?

Simple answer…
Colorado doesn’t have the Youchiogheny River — or the worlds largest steel pool.

If you ever make it out this way, I would recommend a wilderness voyage adventure and it’s always nice to have a little home away from home at the Historic Summit Inn.

April Video Numbers

Americans watched 30.3 billion online videos in April 2010.

Nearly 178 million viewers watched an average of 171 videos per viewer during the month of April 2010. 96 of those came from Google sites (YouTube) and facebook raises to 5th on the list.

Average online video is now 4.4 minutes thanks to television continuing it’s crossover to the internets (Hulu).

March Video Numbers

Americans watched 31.2 billion online videos in March 2010. Back up from February.

Over 180 million viewers watched an average of 173.3 videos during the month of March 2010. 96 of those came from Google sites (YouTube) and facebook raises to 6th on the list.

The average Hulu viewer watched 26.7 videos, totaling 2.6 hours of video per viewer which kicks the average online video length to a whopping 4.3 minutes now.

Axe Detailer – Clean Your Balls

[iDevice Link] <— repost on 01.04.11 441,891 views Similar to the 2006 success of the Philips Body Groom – AXE knows how to play the “lets market on the internets” game too.

It’s good to revisit genius marketing and look back at the 2008 launch of the AXE Detailer.

Successful? Don’t just take my word for it.

Take care when using on sensitive areas.

Warren Miller receives Lifetime Achievement Award

January 30th, 2010

Warren Miller saves a rough start to Powder magazine’s 2010 video awards in Aspen, CO.

Warren’s concept of relating skiing to freedom has been around since the 50s – and here we are 60 years later finally soaking it in.

Working with Warren over the last year was truly an inspiring and life changing project for me. If you have yet to see Level 1 Productions 10th film – Refresh – Stop by the house and enjoy a beer along with your very own personal screening.

Little guy Level 1 was nominated for 6 awards. But following traditional patterns when dealing with large sponsor based awards ceremonies… Refresh didn’t walk with any.

Warren… I can’t wait to read the autobiography and pick up a copy of your new golf cartoon book. How long until it hits the shelf?


Top 10 December Viral

  1. Activision – Skateboard Dog, agency: Droga 5; Sharethrough
  2. National Geographic – Deadly Predator
  3. New Zealand Book Council – Going West, agency: Colenso BBDO
  4. Victoria’s Secret – One Gift
  5. Plane Stupid – Polar Bears
  6. Intel – Cannonbells, agency: MRM London
  7. Breast Cancer Awareness – Pink Glove Dance
  8. Orbit – Clean it up, agency: Evolution Bureau, Sharethrough
  9. Epson – Extreme Gamer, agency: twentysix
  10. Muscle Milk – Sexy Pilgrim, agency: Pereira & O’Dell, Sharethrough

Genius: 2, 3, 4
Not Genius: 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Hydle Favorite: