Black Bear and Freedom

[YouTubeUlar] <— 175,686 Thanks to Unofficial Networks for providing us with our feel good video of the week and black bear lesson. Their description is right on par…

“You can tell that the guy is ecstatic to be on snow and that it makes him feel free. Then, he’s back to land and it’s a return to the boring old norm. I think most of us in here can relate…”

… with Warren Miller’s philosophy of skiing giving your freedom.

HYDLE – Skiing Day #1 – (Winter Park Opening Day)

[iDevice Link] <— 0 views. I managed to make it up by 3:00pm for 2 runs and 3 beers. The snow is fantastic and Mary Jane is expected to open on Saturday.

“Warren Miller… for 86 years that man has known what’s up. Get your ass out of the office – pack your car – ride a bus – carpool – get your ass to the mountains.”

Two things to note…
1) Monday – Thursday: Pass holders get $1 off beers (Blue Moon, Mary Jane, Coors Light, Coors O) at the Sunspot Bar and you can get a burger and a beer for $10.

2) Happy hour at the Derailer bar from 2:00pm – 4:00pm is fantastic. Cheap food specials + $2.50 Coors Lights + O’s.

Get your mountains on.

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Warren Miller is Free Again

It’s been a long time coming — but now it’s final. Warren Miller officially owns his own name again. He just needs to stay away from using it around skiing. What does this mean? It means… that even though Warren Miller Entertainment (the film company) may have won the battle. Warren Miller (the man) won the war.

Here is a recap of what began last year beginning with the release of Level 1 Productions 10th film Refresh.

Continuing forward – lets start a link trail.
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Level 1 — Warren Miller “Refresh” Intro Segment Finally Legally Released

Level 1 Refresh Intro Segment from Level 1 on Vimeo.

The intro segment for Level 1’s 2009 release, Refresh!

About Refresh:
10 years deep and still not satisfied –

Never before has the sport of skiing changed and progressed so much, so quickly, as it has over the past decade. With changes in equipment, accessibility of terrain, and most importantly the mindset of some of the world’s best athletes, skiing today is not what it once was… An integral part of these recent changes, Level 1 looks back and challenges perspectives of where the sport has come from, and where it’s going in their tenth-anniversary offering, “Refresh.” Keeping true to their humble roots while exploring every arena that skiing has to offer the Level 1 crew serves up the most diverse ski entertainment to date. New things will never get old- fresh images of big jumps, deep powder, technical urban exploits, steep lines, and memorable terrain park action with a collection of the sport’s best and brightest talent.


250 Most Influential People in Snowbiz

The Ski Channel has developed a list of who’s who in the snow business and attempted to present it on the internets. What a horrible way to display a list of influential people… so I made a small list of my influentials.

14 – Warren Miller
16 – Mcconkey
31 – Dumont
33 – Hall
35 – Wade Martin
38 – Moseley
58 – Fayfield
95 – Seth Morrison
98 – Johnny Decesare
99 – Mcilvain / Auclair
102 – Greg Stump
104 – Steve Winter
110 – Colby West
118 – Obermeyer
122 – Jerard
133 – Chris Prybylo
135 – O’Connell
139 – Scot Schmidt
164 – Kristi Leskinen
184 – JF Cusson
191 – Colin Kaufmann
197 – Billy Kidd
209 – Josh Berman
211 – Mahre Bros
212 – Candide
216 – Tom Wallisch
231 – Stein Eriksen
232 – Riley Poor
241 – Tommy Moe
250 – Bruce Willis!!!!?

Warren Miller receives Lifetime Achievement Award

January 30th, 2010

Warren Miller saves a rough start to Powder magazine’s 2010 video awards in Aspen, CO.

Warren’s concept of relating skiing to freedom has been around since the 50s – and here we are 60 years later finally soaking it in.

Working with Warren over the last year was truly an inspiring and life changing project for me. If you have yet to see Level 1 Productions 10th film – Refresh – Stop by the house and enjoy a beer along with your very own personal screening.

Little guy Level 1 was nominated for 6 awards. But following traditional patterns when dealing with large sponsor based awards ceremonies… Refresh didn’t walk with any.

Warren… I can’t wait to read the autobiography and pick up a copy of your new golf cartoon book. How long until it hits the shelf?


Warren Miller Statement (Oct 13th)


SEATTLE, WA. (October 13, 2009) – For so many of you who may not already know, I would like to clarify that I am not, nor have I been involved with Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) or their ski movies for quite some time now. When I sold the company to my son in 1988, I was excited about staying involved and helping carry the company forward. However, the company has twice since been sold, and it has been six years since I have had anything whatsoever to do with the films bearing my name.

The lawsuit that WME has filed against Josh Berman and Level 1 Productions is something that never should have happened. WME has no valid claim for Trademark Infringement, and that is why they are attempting to delay the action with Level 1 and go to arbitration with me. The judge will rule on the stay of action sometime this week. For Josh and Level 1, a stay of action only means that WME gets to put off their lawsuit, until the arbitration between them and me is finished. That is unacceptable as it leaves Josh and Level 1 hanging in the wind.

I stopped working with WME because our ideas on what the ski films should be weren’t on the same page, and they demonstrated that they didn’t want my involvement in making ski films any longer. WME’s statement that they “would like nothing better than to have Mr. Miller be a continuing part of WME,” but cannot because they are “a small company with limited resources and we are not in a position to meet the financial conditions Mr. Miller requires” is really absurd.

I have never made ski films solely for the money. I have always done what I do out of my love for skiing, passion for people, and the freedom that I find while on the mountain. I sat down and did an interview with Josh, a friend whose entire company, Level 1 Productions, generated less than $100,000 in revenue in 2008. While on the other hand, WME is the largest company of its kind in the world and is part of a multi-million dollar corporation, which is owned by a larger global conglomerate that posted more than a billion dollars in revenue in 2008.

I am really flattered by how much support so many people have shown not only to me, but also to Josh and Level 1 Productions. Thank you for reading this. Let’s all look forward to bluebird days and untracked powder snow!

-Warren Miller

Warren Miller, The Warren Miller Company,, (800) 973-4033.

REFRESH on Skiing


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“Thanks for the opportunity to ruin a new generation of lives.”

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TODAY = Refresh World Premiere

Play me full screen ^   

World Premier of Level 1 Productions 10th Film – Refresh.
This is one premiere that you do not want to miss.

When: Friday, September 11th, 2009
Where: Bluebird Theater in Denver CO
Doors: 8pm
Showtime: 9:30pm

Buy Advanced $10 Tickets Here – $12 At the door

Reading Warren Miller

WarrenMillerI have recently been infatuated with the life of Warren Miller.

After reading his personal information on Facebook I somehow feel like there is a direct connection between his and my own viewpoints on life.

Even though a 55 year gap rests between our youth phases – the more I read into it, the more similarities I can find.

Inspiring WM articles:
Warren’s Bio
Red Velvet Start
WM Freedom Foundation

Relevance articles:
1953 – John Jay on LA