Top 10 September Viral

The top 10 picks for September, with links to view on YouTube:
1. Tipp-Ex – A Hunter Shoots a Bear, agency: Buzzman
2. Diesel Sneakers – Kick Ass, agency: Santo
3. Samsung – Cute Little Girl Has a Catchy Dance, agency: The Viral Factory
4. DC Shoes – Ultimate Playground, agency: Mad Media
5. Arab Dairy – Never Say No to Panda, agency: Advantage Marketing & Advertising/Elephant
6. Intel – Intel Bass Jump, agency: Intel
7. Phillips – Nigel & Victoria, agency:
8. Cebu Pacific – Cebu Pacific FAS Dancing, agency: Cebu Pacific
9. French Connection UK, YouTube, agency: Poke
10. Samsung, Memory Card Testing, Overkill Edition, agency: The Viral Factory

Overall – Not impressed with this list.