Old Spice – Believe In Your Smellf

[YouTubeUlar] <— 116,752 I Love Awesomeness – The Delorean and The MixTape make an appearance in Old Spice’s latest ‘Champion’ line of deodorant.

Repeat after me… I am the best.
I have big muscles… and cool hair.
I have a sophisticated and diverse group of friends.
I own an environmentally responsible sports sedan.
I’m breaking up with Heather Graham because I need my space.
I am winning… all the sports.
I believe in myself.


Full Credits:

Agency – Wieden + Kennedy (Portland)

Old Spice – Motorcycle

[YouTubular] <— 301 views Old Spice is at it again. Genius. Full Credits Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland Client: Old Spice Creative Direction: Jason Bagley Creative Direction: Craig Allen Copywriter: Andy Laugenour Art Director: Max Stinson Producer: Lizzie Marcy ECD: Mark Fitzloff ECD: Susan Hoffman ECD: Icaro Doria ECD: Guillermo Vega Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz Prod. Co.: MJZ Director: Tom Kuntz Exec. Producer: Jeff Scruton Line Producer: Scott Kaplan DOP: Philippe Le Sourd Director of Editorial: Mackenzie Cutler Editor: Gavin Cutler Post Prod: Sasha Hirschfeld VFX: The Mill Music and Sound: Barking Owl Mix: Lime Studios

The Black Mamba

[iDevice Link] <— 1,478,782 Nike Basketball taking the creative process and turning it into a film. Genius.

Full Credits

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Client: Nike Basketball
Creative Director: Alberto Ponte
Creative Director: Ryan O’Rourke
Copywriter: Sheena Brady
Copywriter: Brandon Pierce
Art Director: Mike Warzin
Producer: Erin Goodsell
Executive Creative Director: Mark Fitzloff
Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Production Company: Radical Media
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Executive Producer: Frank Scherma
Executive Producer: Donna Portaro
Line Producer: Mala Vasan
Director of Photography: Mauro Fiore
Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Angus Wall
Post Producer: Esther Gonzalez
Post Executive Producer: CL Weaver
Post Executive Producer: Cassie Hulen
VFX Company: Hybrid
VFX Supervisor: Rodney Brune
Flame Artist: Pierre Blain
Flame Artist: Mathieu Dupuis
Flame Artist: Nadine Homier
VFX Producer: Daniel Leduc
Titles/Graphics: Kurt Volk
Finishing Company: A52
Finishing Company: The Mill
Flame Artist: Paul Yacono
Flame Artist: Gareth Parr
Flame Artist: Phil Crowe
VFX Producer: Hameed Shaukat
VFX Producer: Jamie McBriety
VFX Producer: Enca Kaul
Composer: Robert Rodriguez
Sound Designer: Robert Rodriguez
Engineer: Robert Rodriguez
Mix Company: Troublemaker Studios
Mixer: Bradford Engleking
Producer: Robert Rodriguez

Chrysler – Born of Fire (Imported from Detroit)

Super Bowl Ad favorites are coming in from every direction. Lets jump into who was in charge of some of these creative pieces.

[iDevice Link] <— 3,722,503 Super Bowl XLV Advertisement Brand – Chrystler
Commercial Name – Born of Fire (Imported from Detroit)

Hydle Ranking – Almost Genius
Eminem previously appeared in a “Brisk” Super Bowl Ad that blatantly states why he does NOT do commercials prior to this Chrysler ad running. Whether it was unfortunate timing or not… the two ads did not jive with me.

Full Credits
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Client: Chrysler
Creative Director: Aaron Allen
Creative Director: Joe Staples
Copywriter: Joe Staples
Copywriter: Mark Fitzloff
Copywriter: Kevin Jones
Copywriter: Greg Rutter
Copywriter: Dan Kroeger
Art Director: Jimm Lasser
Producer: Bob Wendt
Executive Creative Director: Mark Fitzloff
Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Production Company: Serial Pictures
Director: Samuel Bayer
Executive Producer: Violaine Etienne
Line Producer: Martha English
Director of Photography: Samuel Bayer
Editorial Company: Joint
Editor: Tommy Harden
Post Producer: Jennifer Patterson
Post Executive Producer: Patty Brebner
VFX Company: Method
VFX Executive Producer: Robert Owens
Flame Artist: Claus Hansen
VFX Producer: Ashley Zastrow
Titles/Graphics: A52
Music & Sound Company: Que Chevere Music
Music & Sound Company: Sync2Picture
Music & Sound Company: Shady Records
Composer: Marshall Mathers
Composer: Jeff Bass
Composer: Luis Resto
Composer: Rhys Chatham
Sound Designer: Luis Resto
Mix Company: Eleven
Mixer: Jeff Payne
Producer: DJ Fox-Engstrom

2010 Old Spice Case Study

[iDevice Link] <— 6,400 views Cementing Old Spice as the number 1 brand of body wash for men. How did they do it? Just watch. I think we can cleanly say Old Spice has won this game... even though they were a little late to the game.

Successful Man Cleaning and Grooming Internet Campaigns:
2010 – Old Spice
2008 – Axe Detailer
2006 – Philips Body Groom

Nike: Rise

[iDevice Link] <— 1,906,481 views

“LeBron James asks for advice. In this spot, James seems to only stir up the antipathy that was directed toward him around his overly-publicized move to Miami. Doth he protest too much?”

Wieden + Kennedy Portland are still at it.
Basketball – welcome back.

Top Viral Ads of All Time

Just had an amazing marketing conversation with Jeremy keefer and this list just popped through my inbox — it definitely puts an exclamation point on the conversation we just had.

Top 10 Viral Ads By Unique Views
1. Blendtec – Will It Blend – In-house: 134.2 million views
2. Evian – Live Young – BETC Euro RSCG: 103.9 million views
3. Old Spice – Responses – Wieden & Kennedy: 57.1 million views
4. Pepsi – Gladiator – AMV BBDO: 46.7 million views
5. Microsoft – Xbox Project Natal – World Famous: 42.7 million views
6. Dove – Evolution – Ogilvy & Mather: 41.1 million views
7. T-Mobile – T-Mobile Dance – Saatchi & Saatchi: 35.5 million views
8. Doritos – Crash the Super Bowl 2010 – Goodby Silverstein & Partners: 34.2 million views
9. Old Spice – Odor Blocker – Wieden & Kennedy: 34 million views
10. DC Shoes – Gymkhana Two – In-house: 32.9 million views

[Read Full] <— if you want to learn something about marketing on the internets.