“I have a dream”

[iDevice Link] <— 11,502,121 views In school we never watched the full Martin Luther King "I have a dream" speech. I don't know if the technology wasn't available - or if our teachers were just too lazy to check out the VHS tape. But as I think back at it now... it makes me wonder where the line between childcare and actual learning sits in our educational system. My entire technical background I learned in 3rd grade. And now I receive my education on YouTube. Sound dangerous? It is.

K-Swiss – Tubes

[iDevice Link] <—22,000 views

Excellent quick informative and simple. 72andSunny nails it with this quickly consumable campaign. Using Kenny Powers to full success and a light cross promotion with season 2 of East Bound and Down – The simple microsite sold me on these shoes and I now want a pair of tubes.

Bad vibe on the busted facebook link but excellent use of 1-888-WITH-TUBES-I-WILL-TRAIN-THE-F-OUT for a creative 10% off coupon.
1 (888) 948-4882

If you don’t like them – change your mind.


Socialnomics Revisited

Always fun to look back at where we came from – only to predict where we are going. As you can see here though – we are still trying to get people caught up on the thinking of how powerful this engine is going to become.

Last Socialnomics Update