“I have a dream”

[iDevice Link] <— 11,502,121 views In school we never watched the full Martin Luther King "I have a dream" speech. I don't know if the technology wasn't available - or if our teachers were just too lazy to check out the VHS tape. But as I think back at it now... it makes me wonder where the line between childcare and actual learning sits in our educational system. My entire technical background I learned in 3rd grade. And now I receive my education on YouTube. Sound dangerous? It is.

K-Swiss – Tubes

[iDevice Link] <—22,000 views

Excellent quick informative and simple. 72andSunny nails it with this quickly consumable campaign. Using Kenny Powers to full success and a light cross promotion with season 2 of East Bound and Down – The simple microsite sold me on these shoes and I now want a pair of tubes.

Bad vibe on the busted facebook link but excellent use of 1-888-WITH-TUBES-I-WILL-TRAIN-THE-F-OUT for a creative 10% off coupon.
1 (888) 948-4882

If you don’t like them – change your mind.


Socialnomics Revisited

Always fun to look back at where we came from – only to predict where we are going. As you can see here though – we are still trying to get people caught up on the thinking of how powerful this engine is going to become.

Last Socialnomics Update

April Video Numbers

Americans watched 30.3 billion online videos in April 2010.

Nearly 178 million viewers watched an average of 171 videos per viewer during the month of April 2010. 96 of those came from Google sites (YouTube) and facebook raises to 5th on the list.

Average online video is now 4.4 minutes thanks to television continuing it’s crossover to the internets (Hulu).

March Video Numbers

Americans watched 31.2 billion online videos in March 2010. Back up from February.

Over 180 million viewers watched an average of 173.3 videos during the month of March 2010. 96 of those came from Google sites (YouTube) and facebook raises to 6th on the list.

The average Hulu viewer watched 26.7 videos, totaling 2.6 hours of video per viewer which kicks the average online video length to a whopping 4.3 minutes now.

November Video Numbers


November provided record breaking online video viewership.

170 million US internet users spent 12.2 hours watching 31 billion videos in November. Do the math – that is 182 videos per viewer with an average length of 4 minutes… ick.

Thanks to Television going to the internets – this number continues to rise.