Holy F*ck!

Worlds Largest Naked Front Flip… Good find Nate Warner via JF Cusson via Jen Crichton.

From what I have gathered – Some guy named Nico Zacek throws this event called Nine Knights. Skiers (Oscar Scherlin, Henrik Harlaut, Laurent Favre, Mikael Descenaux, the best British rider Paddy Graham, and the top Austrian/German riders Fabio Studer, Thomas Hlawitschka, Martin Misof and Nico Zacek) jump the castle. Photographers (Mattias Fredriksson, Klaus Polzer, Elina Sirparanta, Yarrek) photograph the jump. And everyone parties.

Until this guy blows the wind through his balls on a massive crack open front fly to flat. Teddy Berr – I know you have balls, but are they still intact?

Read moremore and watch more.

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