Golf Digest – 60 Stories in 60 Days

Beginning April 1st, Max Adler, Associate Editor of Golf Digest is taking a 60 day golfing road trip in celebration of the magazines 60 years in publication.

What interests me about Max’s adventure is how he is going to pay it back to some of Golf Digest’s real fans and supporters over the years … and his #1 and #2 example stops both revolve around Long Drive (and luck).

Michael Crean aced the 517-yard, par-5 ninth at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in 2002.

Long Drive champ Sean (The Beast) Fister poses the same challenge to any upstarts who think they can make it in pro long drive: Carry the Arkansas River from the lawn of the Clinton Presidential Library & Museum. (It’s 360 yards.)

Maybe I will try and document a couple of his 60 stops throughout the nation. They sound like good stories… why wouldn’t you want them on video?

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